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This info is for those who prefer the self-sufficient lifestyle or perhaps think that they can make it through the tribulation by wits alone 😉 or just for fun – but as always, do your own research, for truth discovered is the most precious.


P.S. Help us help you…

We are not doing this blog to make money and this information should be free to all (giving proper original references of course).

If you’ve enjoyed this information, and would like to donate for compiling this information for you, we have a Paypal account (credit cards as well) here:


Thanks for helping us at The Countdown! We hope to continue to help you until

  1. mookamooka permalink
    16 March, 2010 15:32

    true dat


  2. Alisa Jolie permalink
    15 March, 2010 23:58

    Thanks for all the insight! 🙂


    • 16 March, 2010 01:26

      You are welcome 🙂 . I hope to have helped-even in the least.


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