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‘Govern-Mental Authority’ – An Oxymoron to Freedom?

6 January, 2017

Greetings, and welcome to The Countdown to see what’s new on the menu.

Yeah we are back to critical thinking about some recipes and re-understanding what was taught in ‘cooking school’..

Remember this is about the revived Roman Empire style of the mystery schools of ‘government-style’ cooking, and has nothing to do with The Creator’s authority as we know this world style of government is a fallen version of Yahweh’s true just and righteous galactic system…just try to watch the whole series  with an open mind (still holding God as the true judge).


So we want to just say here that ONLY God has ultimate authority because He made everything, and ONLY He can make LAWS as in The Ten Commandments. This worlds governments was modeled after ‘Satan’ and his followers – all having free will as well, created that way by God! He wanted them to help Him ‘take care of things’, but of course, power even corrupts angels! Let’s continue…

Yes an interesting case to say the least and many point to makes even the most staunch supporter of government turn a little white.

Hope you enjoyed this little critical thinking menu and…




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