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Godly Medicine…Politics, Corporatism, Religion In The Way

1 May, 2016

Greetings, and thanks for stopping by The Countdown to see what’s new on the menu…

Cannabis, the ultimate consumable…

Yes, another documentary with education as the goal, not brainwashing most have been enduring these past 80 years, including yours truly.

We aren’t going to give much commentary except ‘watch, and form your opinions’.

It is hard to be ‘personally involved’ in this criminal drug war (on the receiving end) – seeing innocents, family and peers sent to jail and their hard earned assets and goods plundered by the self-called ‘do-gooders’ (the police, doctors, social workers, lawyers, privatized prisons – the justice system as a whole) through ‘legal theft’ and lies.

These people using cannabis are not criminals but are treated as such.

We apologize to all ‘church people’ and the self-righteous for ‘poisoning’ this otherwise ‘Godly blog’ with ‘normalized filth’ preached against from most pulpits on Sunday mornings.

Well…God made this plant for a reason.

Maybe we should figure out what IS and ISN’T right ACCORDING TO GOD and not man’s interpretations…

It’s time to set things right and stop the state sponsored persecution and criminalization of cannabis users.

Ok, we’re done…hard to believe this vid was two years ago…

Hope y’all enjoyed and…


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  1. Elle permalink
    2 May, 2016 01:00

    THANK YOU!! This is soo helpful for me as well as multiple others!!


    • 2 May, 2016 01:05

      Thanks Elle, glad to know that we were able to help in a significant way. Be blessed!


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