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SCI-FI For Real!

16 March, 2016

Greetings and thanks for stopping by The Countdown to see what’s new on the menu.

Nothing much today…

You see, we’ve come to a place where it’s just a calm on the water, nothing moving where you are, no birds, no fish, no wind. Just you, your boat and the giant deep blue…waiting

If you have been one the coast or spent any time on the water, you would know what this is. The doldrums…

The calm before the storm. We believe that this year, at least for the next month, that although there is visible activity all around, it is miles away. It is time to reflect. It is time to prepare and it is time to wait, watch, and to pray.

We have presented much information here on The Countdown to help free those that are brainwashed, mislead, lied to, and to present the uncomfortable feeling of true freedom. It has taken treburn, and many others more years than this blog has existed to collect, collate, comprehend, and convey what truly exists here to y’all and the average window shopper.

Caption Time: The Window Shopper at Scully and Scully - Chuck Miller

Believe us that it DOES get tiring, grueling, and sometimes loathsome to be searching, reading, praying, and writing for the sole purpose of trying to wake the others, asleep in the garden.

We KNOW what t is like to have your own family close their eyes, plug their ears and shout,”LA,LA,LA,LA,LA” until you stop talking and leave the room.

Ears Plugged photo EarsPlugged.jpg All because of a puppet. And that creepy, creepy voice.

Truth is mostly uncomfortable…and we are just beginning to understand that it seems, most just want their conveniences of life – or rather SLAVERY.

There something called Stockholm syndrome where someone could be abused their whole life and still do all they can to please their abuser and that is exactly what we are finding with at least 50% of the people we encounter and speak with… ...

They don’t like their preconditioned lives messed with. They like their 9-5 slavery and that new 60″ propaganda window of mind control…BUT, what IS refreshing is the other 50% that, when shaken, slapped, rolled, yelled at to, “awaken and be free”, it makes all the late nights (that turn into mornings), the research, the reading, REWARDING!

And THAT’s why we are here, doing what we do – to try to help you!

We hope that y’all understand that we present much information – but tempered with the the Word of YHWH.

We may be wrong, we have been before, and probably will be again, but our intention is just to try to do our best to serve, help, confirm, convey and convince the reality of the UNSEEN with what IS SEEN.

The Spiritual (dimensional) realm is there and directly affects the Natural (physical) realm of our existence! There is a MASTER creator and there are SUBORDINATE creations – if not mankind, and we are dealing with this ‘conflagration’ each and every day, no matter what.

It’s SCI-FI for real! And sometimes is very overwhelming outside of the The Creator’s hands, and protection.

treburn’s true story – When you have been driving, and maybe start to doze off and all of a sudden you feel someone whack you across the chest and hear, “(name here) WAKE UP!” and when you do , notice that you are about to drive off a cliff – and NO ONE IS IS THE CAR…it makes you think twice about what is real and what is not.

We exist in a world that is almost not real, and we tend to negate the realm of what is – for comfort, convenience, and peace of mind, but as the saying goes,”If you’re not living on the edge, you are taking up too much space!”

living on the edge amazing places living on the edge

Please pray for the wind to pick up, the sails to unfold, the birds to come back, the fish to fill our nets – so we can go home! There are many loved ones waiting for us, and we want to bring as many as we can with us to meet them!

The other disciples followed in the boat, towing the net full of ...

Hope you enjoyed this little side-note and…


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