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The Kingdom from On High!

29 February, 2016

Greetings and thanks for stopping by The Countdown to see what’s new on the menu.

We’ve been publishing a lot of info lately to go through, so this will be our last one (or first one depending on how you look at it) for the week. We encourage y’all to take some time to study on your own and leave coments for us on your own findings…

treburn remarked, “glad I took those speed reading classes in high school!”

Today, IaHUShUA’ Ha-MaShIaCh [referred to as “Jesus Christ” among the nations] has led us to this enormous cookbook of info that we just started going through as we search for The Truth, The Whole Truth and Nothing but The Truth, so help us God.

As usually the case, we were brought to something we probably would never have stopped to look at ‘on purpose’, making it seemingly ‘accidental’…

But since God is control of everything, we know that ‘accidental’ is not kosher so we’ve gotta’ approach this more on the ‘His purposes, His ways’ level – always larger and higher than ours! So bear with us, if ya want…

We put the link to this mega site of info in the blogroll (we called it The Truth of The Good News) for quicker reference, and you will need to take some time to go through all of this with your ‘spiritual arms, eyes and ears’, because some of this info may downright shock you…but, at least for us, it was a good way!

This post will continue our ‘rant on gov’…from previous releases (scroll down to find them or look at the calendar over there on the right or the ‘earlier posts’ menu)—->

One thing to remember, despite what you believe, scripture comes first and Iahushua(Jesus) came first for the Jews then for the rest, so He was ‘semetically preferenced’ and remembering this helps greatly as we study…

Take a look from their ‘front page’:



Most “Christians” would answer an emphatic “Yes!”

“As long as it doesn’t go against ‘God’s’ law” some might add.

They will even tell you that the “Bible tells you to do so…”

There are quotes they will provide, that when taken out of context (as is usually the case) will seemingly prove their point:

“Render unto Caesar” Luke 20:25

“Obey them that have the rule over you” Hebrews 13:17

“Submit yourselves to every ordinance of man
for the Lords’ sake” First Peter 2:13

But first, let us look at what is This Law Of The Land and to whom does it really apply and should we obey the laws of the church?

Well, it may help to know: What is This Church And Who is its “Sovereign Lord”?

“Well That’s an easy one” you may be thinking… “Jesus Christ right?” “The Lord our God isn’t it?”

Some may say, “It is “The State” because of the [501(c)(3)] status.. but of course that would be illegal.. separation between Church and State, right?”

It may come as a great shock to discover that the real answer is “none of the above” and it is not ‘the people’ either.

The shocking truth is that, by long standing tradition in the common law (and until now uncontested)… the seat goes to “lord god the pope”.

WOI!!! What did I just say? Am I crazy?? Look it up for yourself!

“The Holy Roman Catholic Church” (and its “Orthodox” sister) was Founded by the Roman Emperor Constantine around 325 c.e..

Since Rome Murdered The Apostles beforehand starting in the Sixties (60c.e.), I doubt very seriously their Claim to Apostolic Succession.

It was around 1050 when the “great schism” occurred..

The Protestant Reformation happened around 1517 (partly over the “Justification by Faith” issue) but the Protestants never really “came out of her”… they simply became the Daughters of the “great” Whore of Babylon and continued in her fornication.

The End of any Possible Claim to Apostolic Succession: 3/29 537c.e.

After his invasion of Italy, the Gothic War (535–554), Emperor Justinian I forced Pope Silverius to abdicate and installed Pope Vigilius, a former apocrisiarius to Constantinople in his place; Justinian next appointed Pope Pelagius I, holding only a “sham election” to replace Vigilius; Justinian had tried and failed to Restore the Old Roman Empire so he started working on the “Holy Roman Empire”.-From Wikipedia

Not long after that point, however, the Pope turned the tables and started crowning Emperors!

Starting with Charlemagne 12/25/800c.e. who also claimed to be the Renewer of the Roman Empire.

He (Berthier) accompanied Napoleon throughout the brilliant campaign of 1796, and was left in charge of the army after the Treaty of Campo Formio.

He was in this post in 1798 when he entered Italy, invaded the Vatican, organized the Roman republic, and took the pope Pius VI as prisoner back to Valence (France) where, after a journey of torturous suffering, the pope, a helpless prisoner under Berthier’s supervision, died, dealing a major blow to the Vatican’s political power…ending the pope’s political sovereignty: 2/10 1798c.e…


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