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Cash Was King…Until The M.O.B. Came

24 February, 2016

Greetings and thanks for stopping by The Countdown to see what’s new on the menu.

Continuing our coverage on the elite’s monopolistic recipe of cash being public enemy #1…

A brief excerpt from Info Wars:

Personally, we like to be able to hold our wealth -cash or better, i.e. gold and silver.

It’s also an attack on standardization, something that the elites also don’t want, unless it helps them be the masters over your destiny…N.W.O. (new world order) backwards is ‘own’.

We’ve had attacks on grammar, spelling, reading, and proper language, beliefs, even on proper math (see the 2+2=5 references) and now on currency.

The ‘war on…’ (cannabis but propagandized by sexist, racist scum Anslinger as) drugs’ we KNOW is a lie, but for so many reasons outside of ‘Your brain on drugs (the eggs in the frying pan)’ propaganda, it is a medicine, and yet, now it’s been patented (genetically modified) by pharmaceutical companies!

treburn interrupted, “Musta’ forgot that the seeds in Yahweh’s original version used to be like MONEY!”

This means it’s genetically modified (not hybridized) and made in a lab.

Soon, if not already, this G.M.O. franken-weed cannabis, will be released on the unwary public to undo the healing benefits and to increase the negative effects, along with major taxes (like on alcohol) with mandatory health care cards and loss of second amendment rights(guns)!

Some would know this as “Out of the flames of destruction, comes rebirth”, the phoenix myth embraced by the Illuminati globalist elites (mostly known as “Ordo Ab Chao”)…

But this (Freemasonry) quote doesn’t mean that order emerges out of chaos exactly…

It means that a ‘situation’ will be engineered (also called a false flag) into chaos to achieve a certain objective, and then the situation will be engineered again into (the desired) order.

For the unsuspecting masses, it will be as if chaos gives birth to the order (new world odor…er…order).

As it says on the one dollar bill – ‘Novus Ordo Seclorum’ so shall that be next and that order has all the darkness of a cave leading to hell.

Stay bright y’all, be vigilant, be awake, be happy, informed and don’t fall for this ploy. Spread The Word, because knowledge IS power!


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