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His Words Shall Not Pass Away

7 February, 2016

Greetings and thanks for stopping by The Countdown to see what’s new on the menu.

Today we are continuing touching on the facts ‘hidden’ in a very rich recipe found in The Bible.

This recipe allows us to see the deeper things found within scripture and what they are REALLY about…

We felt the need to address the facts of different translations existing to further confuse and obfuscate what the scriptures are telling us and how they are being used to further the agenda of the New World Odor (pun intended)!

See for yourself…since we touched on Romans 13 [FOUND HERE] in an earlier post we needed to publish this video explaining things more in depth (we will also be going through this blog to correct all scriptural references to KJV only as it’s the closest, yet not exact, to the original Hebrew/Aramaic)…that is, until we can access the Hallelujah scriptures. What’s that ye may ask?

Well, a brief commercial for the original translation, in Hebrew, of The Bible (the link to the website is found on the blogroll):

We’re not sure if the author of this video has seen the above translation, but for now, your regularly scheduled program 🙂

So whatcha think?

This is open to the American Constitutional Amendment 1, and your own research and experiences.

We’d like to know your take…just reply below or join, and


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