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Proof “Greenhouse Gasses” – (carbon dioxide) Is A Joke And A Tool For N.W.O…

30 December, 2015

Greetings, Happy Early New Year and thanks for stopping by The Countdown to see what’s new on the menu.

We here, hope y’all out there has had a wonderful Christmas and are believing for 2016 to become the best year of our lives…despite extenuating circumstances.

Some quotes from a ‘secret recipe’ those who would be global terminators hope we never find…well we just spilled the beans, and we’re not sorry! Some Quotes:

Photosynthesis creates oxygen and also puts more moisture in the air. The moisture builds up inside the bottle and ‘rains’ back down on the plant.

The leaves it drops rot at the bottom of the bottle, creating the carbon dioxide also needed for photosynthesis and nutrients which it absorbs through its roots…

56yr old Terrarium

The bottle stands on display under the stairs in the hallway of his home in Cranleigh, Surrey, the same spot it has occupied for 27 years after he and his wife Gretchen moved from Lancashire when he retired as an electrical engineer.

It was revealed to the world when he took a photograph of it in to BBC Radio 4’s Gardeners’ Question Time and asked the panel of experts if it is ‘of scientific or horticultural interest’.

Garden designer and television presenter Chris Beardshaw said: ‘It’s a great example of the way in which a plant is able to recycle… It’s the perfect cycle of life.’

He added that this process is one reason why NASA was interested in taking plants into space.

‘Plants operate as very good scrubbers, taking out pollutants in the air, so that a space station can effectively become self-sustaining,’ he said. ‘This is a great example of just how pioneering plants are and how they will persist given the opportunity.

‘The only input to this whole process has been solar energy, that’s the thing it has needed to keep it going. Everything else, every other thing in there has been recycled. That’s fantastic.’  [ORIGINAL ARTICLE FOUND HERE]

Well, another lie exposed here, explains why chemtrails are so prevalent for the past 15 years or so.

We wonder exactly how much the world will become ‘as in the days of Noah’ (so shall it be at the coming of The Son Of Man)? There was a terrarium-like atmosphere – explaining the rain and deep oceans, and the giants described in Genesis 6 and skeletons and footprints found throughout the world.

Well we hope you enjoyed and…


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