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Moscow Makes Cookie Cutouts Too

21 December, 2015

Greetings, Merry Christmas and thanks for stopping by The Countdown to see what’s new on the menu.

Today we have a recipe from a brilliant researcher and scholar, what we’ll call a ‘Christmas Cookie’ recipe as it seems to be a ‘cutout’ from previous ones…take a look:


A Study in the Ancient Luciferian Signatures


by Luis B. Vega for online PDF illustration in chart section

‘The sting of Death is sin, and the power of sin is the Law; but thanks be to YHVH, who gives us the Victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. Therefore, my beloved Brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the LORD, knowing that your toil is not in vain in the LORD.’  -1 Corinthians 15:57-58

The purpose of this exposé is to continue in the series of occult ley-lines studies in major modern world capitals. Moscow is selected because of the Syrian involvement and leadership in the world by Putin. Russia has now a direct military involvement in Syria at the request of Assad. The collective aim is total victory and defeat of the U.S., MI6 and MOSSAD created ISIS. This Islamic army is made up of mercenaries from various Muslim nations that has been funded by the Saudis and co-opted by Turkey. The façade by Obama and NATO to seemingly fight against ISIS is one agenda that is working towards guaranteeing that a World War 3 will occur. As it is, the Luciferian Globalists plan to infuse the world with chaos is working very well. Some collateral damage has been the hordes of Muslims allowed to invade Europe that has gone mad in accepting them awhile the U.S. and the EU are sending back Syrian Christians.

Such variables are working in the favor of the Globalist Luciferians to position in place the Police State apparatus in the USA and Europe to eventually usher in their Brave New World. ISIS has been created as the new ‘evil’ to justifying military spending and budgets that only make the people less safe and with less civil rights while they promise ‘peace and security’. This study suggests that the geo-politics of the Middle East World War to come for example has been advanced as a direct result of ley-lines. The end result in Paris was to prompt France to fully engage in the Luciferian plan to topple Assad. The study in the Paris Ley-Lines uncovered undeniable evidence of ancient Luciferian signatures. Perhaps such an ancient city as Moscow could have the same occult ley-line signatures; it does. It is shocking to continue to uncover the same motifs and Satanic symbols that are so prevalent in ancient religious places and practices.

These religious practices and motifs are still used today but are encrypted in a grand scale in great cities of power from where the Luciferians rule the nations, for the time being. They are the priestly, business, education and military classes that use the power given to them by Lucifer to advance his agenda. It is the Bible, and specifically Jesus that attested to this fact personally and to Lucifer himself because of the Fall and sin of the 1st humans. Adam and Eve forfeited their dominion, power and authority over to Lucifer. As with the Paris, London, Washington DC, Babylon and Jerusalem ley-line studies, for example this study is not insinuating that all those living within those great cities are complicit to such diabolical Luciferian agendas.


Hope you enjoyed, and


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