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Silver and Gold, What Power Does It Hold?

1 November, 2015

Greetings and thanks for stopping by The Countdown to see what’s new in the menu.

Tonight is just a rambl-og. A contraction (of our own device) of rambling web log (blog). So it will ramble and may even not make any sense, but here goes:

A theory why mankind has a active for gold and silver…and why God Almighty and Satan (and company) have required it’s use?

This we are relegating to the angel/alien meme previously mentioned and also recent posts.
Some have suggested from N.D.E.’s (near death/clinically dead experiences) that the ‘streets of gold’ in Heaven are so pure, it’s crystalline or transparent gold.
Scientists have discovered transparent aluminum [FOUND HERE] – ergo Star Trek…so it’s not so far fetched and God seems to have a desire for extreme purity in all cases in the scriptures.

Why has it been used for money, and TONNES of gold and silver have been used in everything HIGH GRADE INDUSTRIAL/ELECTRONIC…whatever?
Why have banks been shifting (gold AND silver and precious metals) e’rything ’round lately?

Ever hold a pure piece of gold or silver in your hand?

Maybe it’s knowing the value or maybe something more, but compared to holding old coins or wads of hundo’s (Hundred dollar bills), there’s just something palpably different about that ultra pure metal contacting the skin -at least for me. But why?

Here’s a theory. Perhaps it’s because mankind are electro-chemical bodies – similar to a battery…with an eternal spirit being inside.
We require nutrients and minerals to survive…most call ‘food’, and batteries need recharged from outside sources…same analogy…both use rare and precious metals (mineralized forms in humans,of course) in order to do so as there is an electro-chemical response affecting the biologic materials composing the ‘body’.

Gold and silver conduct electricity VERY well, used in ALL electronics and silver (mainly) has certain anti-bacterial/purification effects, giving it a triple whammy!

God has, seemingly, created the same type of universe – electro-chemical.
We are just starting to understand that comets are NOT balls of ice but electrically charged chunks of rock, giving us the ‘Tail’ associated with them.

Is THIS why He chooses gold and silver in The Bible?

Is this why precious metals has been THE form of wealth used for MILLENNIA?

Is this why technology is so important using precious metals?

Is this why only those in “The Know” use it as a form of exchange outside the current ‘banking system’
that most hold so dear and the best form of ‘wealth’ preservation?

There is a reason to mine asteroids, apparently according to some, including Mr. Elon Musk and N ever A S traight A nswer.
The enemy, satan, Lucifer, whatever ‘it‘ is, seems to be using mankind to do his bidding – to create a tyrannical form of world domination using the internet,computers, electronics of all sorts connected to it, soon including mankind based off much of the research presented here…all containing and requiring gold and silver, and other precious/semi-p metals and gems/crystals. Even quartz technology started with crystals…and light and biology as well are being phased into computers further trying to imitate God’s natural creation.

Just musing here, don’t get upset, but…

Interestingly though, they still contain gold and or silver no matter how small of amount.

We think that gold and silver perhaps even will be part of the anti-christ or ‘beast’ system – using gold and silver (precious metals) even if in minute amounts, to make chip implants and R.F.I.D.’s on EVERYTHING bought or sold (or birthed), because it’s all about electronics tracking everything – still ALL use gold and silver (and/or some other type of metal/mineral dug outta’ tha’ ground)…

The Devil is a copy cat of what God does…only with tyrannical control and death (eternal separation from God) included.

Of course these are just theoretical questions based off whatever information the scriptures give us, research previously presented and today’s thoughts we’d like to share with y’all.

Let us know what y’all think, vote, comment, subscribe and…


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