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July 4th Double-Header…Or History’s Low-Down Part 11

4 July, 2015

Greeting and welcome to The Countdown to see what’s new on the menu.

Today, we’re going to continue the presentation discussing some more historic ‘recipes’ they didn’t want you to know whilst attending the public school system…but as always do your own research. Since it’s July 4th and all, we are eleasing a double header today…part 12 will publish at 21:00 this evening. So here goes:

Most Americans are deft to the fact the Capitol of the USA is laid out with occultic and even employed Luciferian Masonic symbols and architecture. David Bay of ‘Cutting Edge Ministries’ provides the skeptic with all the information they care or need to know that America continent was to be established as the new “Atlantis” as early as the 1740’s, and its destiny was to assume the global leadership of the New World Order (Old World Order repackaged).

>From the very beginning, the United States of America was chosen to lead the world into the kingdom of Antichrist, and Washington, DC was to be its capital. That differs completely with what you were told in the public schools. It goes along with the earlier posts in this series. Nay sayers are either ignorant or complicit with continuing this big lie about our origin as a nation. David Ovason wrote his book, ‘The Secret Architecture of the Nation’s Capitol’ in 2002, which documents David Bay’s ‘Cutting Edge Ministries’ information. Since 1791, this nation has been in the hands of the Satanic and the occult seers of astrology and Enochian Magick.

As you will see in the links I have include below, America is a product of Jesuit/Vatican-controlled Freemasonry.

1. The occult street design was created in 1791 by an architect who was both a Roman Catholic and a Freemason.

2. This design shows that the Plan for a New World Order was deliberately conceived and considered to be inevitable. The occultist firmly believes that a symbol or a set of symbols possesses inherent power once they are created. Therefore occultic doctrine teaches that those Satanic symbols would act as a powerful electric-type grid once they were set in place. This power grid would constantly pulsate with Luciferian power 24 hours a day, seven days a week, constantly moving America toward the coveted Luciferian god of the New World Order.

3. This design demonstrates the hidden, secret power wielded by the Illuminists in the United States. Luciferian Illuminists have their hands on the most powerful lever of political, economic, and military power in this country, and they wield this power without any public understanding of what is really going on under the Sun.

In order that the reader know that this is true, I will provide a small list of web sites that provide you the evidence to this grand Satanic conspiracy. Fools and skeptics need simply to begin a search of these web sites that offer compelling evidence to prove the claims here. This post is integral to all of the preceding posts in this matter regarding the truth that is not taught in the public schools.

The below links are but a handful of web sites that declare the truth about our nation’s capitol:

It comes as a huge shock to folks when they discover the real truth about what the Washington Monument really represents. A vertical view of the Masonic Washington Monument reveals that it is architecturally surrounded by the “Vesica Piscis”, or the “Mandorla”. In Roman Catholic belief it is the representation of the “feminine” or “birth canal” or “Divine Feminine” or “vulva”. Two equal diameter circles are placed on an equal plane designed to intersect forming the Vesica Piscis, almond shaped pattern. This design was the original logo symbol of the Master Charge or Master Card bank cards. Dead center in this “Divine Feminine” is located the Washington Monument; and obelisks are the symbol for the male phalanx in the Mystery religions.

The current design of the “Divine Feminine” pedestrian sidewalks around the Washington Monument were placed there only a few years (within the past ten years) ago when renovation was underway. Prior to the renovation the pedestrian sidewalks were laid out differently. The Washington Monument was a Masonic donation to the City of Washington, DC., built in the mid-1800’s, and represent symbols and signs of the “regenerative powers” of male & female. The fact is Washington, DC, particularly Federal Mall and the various government buildings are all laid out on Satanic patterns and designs or Pythagorean Sacred Geometry. There is always the nay-sayers, however, the evidence is well documented. I only provided a short list for readers to explore the evidence that Washington, DC was planned out by Freemasons that were also Roman Catholic as well.

Relative to all of this, their is evidence that George Washington, converted to Roman Catholicism on his death bed according to Negro servants and the record of the Jesuit priest, Father Leonard Neale that spent time with George Washington baptized him into the Roman Catholic faith in his final days and hours. The real capitol is just up the Potomac River at Georgetown University, the Vatican’s home or center of Catholic rule in America. You have so much to learn about your nation’s history. But it wasn’t your fault, as Rome had reason to keep this from you.

Interestingly so, the Capitol building dome has a statute called Persephone and is also considered in Catholic lore a statute of Mary as well. Persephone in Greek stands for the god of the underworld. From what I know of Freemasonry one could not find a better symbol of what America represents in the Antichrist system. The Capital grounds does have dozens of astrology charts, zodiacs, and occultic symbols; it even has a statute to the Grand Commander of the Southern Jurisdiction of Scottish Rite 33rd Degree of Free and Accepted Masonry, Confederate Army Brigadier-General Albert Pike, the only statute or memorial to a Confederate soldier in the District of Columbia. Albert Pike wrote the Masonic bible, ‘Morals and Dogma’. It contains the rites and rituals of the Lodge. Every initiate seeking to rise in Masonry is asked the question, “What are you seeking? The initiate is expected to reply, “More light”. Satan is the “light bearer” and according to the Bible he is an “angel of light” -(2nd Corinthians 11:14)

Conspicuously absent from the Federal grounds anywhere in Washington, DC is any plaque, memorial, sign, or symbol, that would recognize or honor the Lord Jesus Christ, but there is one for the most important Freemason of the Masonic Lodge in American Freemasonry.


Hope you liked this little tidbit and thanks to ‘Pastor Bob’ for these great articles!

Until next post,


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