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The Futility of Info Utility

5 March, 2015

Greetings and welcome to The Countdown to see what’s new on the menu.

As we’ve been looking into a world-wide cookbook, we keep finding recipes for boiling down and reducing the American Soup to a stew, then as a burnt crumble left in the bottom of the pan…making it easier to just buy a new pan.

So, while we were doing all our little day-to-day activities, like just trying to scrape by to the next pay check, we have a few chefs working overtime in the Kitchen of Doom preparing a most diabolical recipe.

Here take a look at this:

The FCC order regulating the Internet was written by political operatives in the White House, is over 300 pages long and – even though it was approved on a party-line 3-to-2 vote on February 26 – has still not been released to the public.  The man who reportedly convinced President Obama to demand the FCC, which is supposed to be an independent agency, to adopt his plan was Tumblr CEO David Karp, who when asked the most rudimentary question about the economics of the order replied: “Ummm, uhhhh, I confess. Not my area of expertise.”  Now, the same radical pressure groups that have long pushed for such regulations, funded by $196 million from George Soros and the Ford Foundation, are launching a major effort to scare Congress – the legitimate legislative branch of the federal government – into sitting on their hands and not acting on the issue.

The union agenda was emphatically rejected when the card check bill, a union wish list that included ending private ballot protections for organizing elections crashed and burned in Obama’s first term.  Undeterred, the president stacked the NLRB with union lawyers via “recess appointments” made when the Senate was not in recess.  When the Supreme Court struck down the illegal appointments in an emphatic 9-to-0 decision, Harry Reid threatened to use the nuclear option to break Senate rules to stack the board again.  (Reid later went beyond threats and actually executed the nuclear option to allow Obama to stack the DC Circuit court that reviews agency actions, enabling further abuses of agency power.)

The union lawyers at the NLRB recently adopted an ambush elections rule that allows union organizers to demand surprise elections at a strategic moment of their choosing, before employees have an opportunity to consider the arguments against joining a union.  The Senate voted to overturn the rule this week, but President Obama promised to use his veto to keep the rule in effect, even though it is opposed by Congress.

Worst of all, the Supreme Court appears to be seriously entertaining allowing an IRS rule that magically transfigures, created by the federal secretary of Health and Human Services, into “an exchange established by the state.” That little IRS magic spends billions of taxpayer dollars on subsidies and triggers employer mandate penalties, causing jobs to be destroyed and shifts cut in states that lawfully opted out.  The rule is absurd on its face.  But it may be upheld, and if it is, we will officially be in an era in which agencies like the IRS can do the opposite of what the laws actually say.

This is all in just one week. (I haven’t even mentioned that the EPA remains as committed as ever to coercing states into adopting cap-and-trade energy taxes that were rejected by Congress.) [MORE ARTICLE FOUND HERE]

Why does the government feel the need to control information, electronic purchasing, shipping and transactions – even verbal (email)? Perhaps something will be happening in the next few…whatevers, where they feel the NEED to do so – military strikes(false flags) on American soil, a new planetary type system approaching earth or the imminent ‘Alien’ invasion that even that Catholic Church seems to be mentioning lately? Perhaps everything! Ultimate control seems to be the goal, whatever the case.

Perhaps it will be to hinder the education of upcoming children, by controlling every aspect of their life – religious, social, political, familial, economic – putting them more at risk of developing anti-social behavor than their addiction to being ‘wired in’ does now. We have seen many examples of mind control happening through this process…from video games to TV shows. Also the CIA has used this genre for their more advanced research on mind control…

Provided this is all true, we only have a matter of time – perhaps only 4-6 months before we start feeling the full effects of information becoming a utility to be regulated by the government.

What comes next in our opinion is, book burning and libraries taken over by ‘local’ law enforcement, gun control, microchips and electronic tattoos, robot invasions, prison camps, deathcare – organ donations, and big brother using us as ‘cattle’ for trade or even worse – as pleasure slaves or the next batch of soilent green…and that’s the positive outlook.

So enjoy life here in America as you have it for a few days, weeks or maybe a year or two at the most, but at the current rate of decline, the only recipes that will be available will be worse than long lines for week-old bread and salt soup.

However, we can’t leave with that pressing on our hearts, so rejoice in the Lord for all He’s done. Purify ourselves in his resurrection and the washing of His Word. Rejoice for He is coming soon and…



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