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Amaru Ca or America…Which is it?

15 February, 2015

Greetings and thanks for stopping by The Countdown to see what’s new on the menu.

Well it’s a really BIG meal.

More so than your traditional Valentine’s Day weekend fare, mind you, but it’s a really big meal…as in, big food, like…giant cows, carrots and potatoes!

Yeah, you guessed it – another ‘grab the popcorn video infotainmentional session (we know it’s not really a word, but maybe it’s one we just invented?).

Anyway, here at The Countdown, we like to utilize what’s already been done as much as possible – at least to redeem the time.

Usually, when we have ‘something’ that we feel the ‘urge to post’, we find someone has usually done a far superior job conveying relevant information on these world-wide spread recipes of global chaos and doom.

So, we try to convey the information we do get, to as many who  have the time and interest to read it.

Hopefully, we help others.

So we bring in these vids of “G.M.O. to the max”..

This stuff goes far beyond ‘giant food’ that grows it’s own pesticide and gives the eater cancer…no, this is way beyond that…

and part 2

So, that’s why all those people wasted all that time and material making a giant sphinx statue in the desert…and why they didn’t exist for long. They were cooking the cooks – so to speak!

This also explains a lot of mythos, why they have a similar story, and, at least to us, proves the Bible is truth, even more so, the more we know!

Well, like we say here, home-grown cookin’ is the best kind. We don’t need none’ that ‘store bought’ stuff.

Hope y’all liked the down home recipe, or at least knowing what NOT to cook, and we thank the good Lord for ALL He’s done!


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