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No Energy? Charge Up Your Batteries…

17 December, 2014

Greetings and welcome to The Countdown to see what’s new on the menu.

We believe that there is no better time to prepare than now for upcoming events as described in The Bible.

We also believe that this next upcoming year will be so profound; perhaps so much that Yeshuah’s first flyby could be this year! It’s amazing to see so much prophecy coming to pass almost on a daily event basis and to be honest, thought it would be our kids who would see these events.

This next year, we feel, could be the proverbial ‘ last straw on the camel’s back’ for America and we feel it’s just smart to be ready and prepared as possible and trust God for the rest.

So we have a few videos to watch (or listen to) as you prepare during this Christmas season. And if you don’t believe in Jesus or God, then we also believe you have no claims to take down Nativity scenes or cry ‘lawsuit’ about Christmas decor that portray the birth of Jesus, or who try to remove God and His son from the holidays. If it wasn’t for God and His son’s birth, you wouldn’t have the holiday to begin with, and you wouldn’t have Christmas – as it’s properly called! Plus if you are an atheist, you may want to convert to an agnostic, because your self-proclaimed title makes you sound like an ID 10 t…because you have to believe there is a God to believe there isn’t one…kinda dumb. Make your own pagan holiday – keep your Satan – er we mean Santa, Druidic tree worship and reindeer games, persistent lying to your children about a stupid elf! Don’t bother ours!

What happened to tolerance?

Oh…it’s only for those who are doing ‘wrong’ who get it (mostly because they act like spoiled children and throw tantrums until they get their way). Those who are doing ‘right’ get persecution!

Anyway, here’s the charge for your battery array for today…

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


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