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Ebola With Frequencies?

28 October, 2014

Greetings and thanks  for stopping by The Countdown to see what’s new on the menu.

Today we going to talk about hygiene when making a ‘melting pot’, i.e. America.

A lot of attention is being placed on this ebola  thing, and understanding that this is a weaponized virus intentionally released into the public for governmental control is fact. It’s like making a good stew and then adding rat poison to it to make sure the rats don’t eat it…stupid, yet this is exactly what seems to be happening.

Let’s not forget the ‘Obama Care’ thing that’s supposed to roll around 2016… and the class 2 medical device mentioned in it; specifically an Radio Frequency ID chip.

We speculate that if this gets out of hand, that in order to vote, because this virus is ‘supposed’ to do great damage to the populous, it will be Executively Ordered to get vaccinated.

The reason: to go outside, be in public areas and stores (including voting), and traveling will be restricted because martial law will be imposed to maintain quarantine procedures. They have the infrastructure for this already in place.

Speculation, yes, but very plausible and we aren’t the only ones who think so.

After analyzing the many facets of federal style compartmentalization, the big picture becomes more clear and the cold, hard ‘reality slap’ across the face wakens even the more exuberant of slumberers.

Take this video for example:

True or not, research is needed before freaking out, but let’s be realistic, practical, methodical. Follow some more of the links that follow for your own

Addressing the physical first, Vitamin C, Colloidal Silver, Zinc, hydrogen peroxide and ultraviolet rays all are very effective ways to treat not only ebola but also ALL viruses!

There are also many other anti-viral treatments that work too we have known about, published in medical journals 20 or so years ago!

Now for the spiritual, and starting with The Bible being the ONLY source of all truth, inspired by God…the proof is in the fulfillment of prophecy.

Just remember that we are being assaulted on ALL fronts by devious eternal beings working through their human host meat puppets living in our plane of existence.

They know their final destination is eternal damnation and are hunting souls to enslave so they won’t be alone in hell when that time arrives. This is another reason for the human soul/spirit condition needing and being ‘saved’.

Consider this, an agnostic doesn’t believe in an afterlife, but never considers that their belief is wrong.

However even if their wasn’t an afterlife, it would better to have lived a life of ‘goodness’ rather than one full of evil…

Perhaps God has more mercy towards these?

Scriptures are clear, however, and goodness has no place with evil just as there is no darkness with the lights on!


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