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In 15 minutes or less…

16 July, 2014

Greetings and thanks for stopping by The Countdown to see what’s new on the menu.

Since Insurance companies like to take money from us in less than 15 minutes, now-a-days, we thought about serving a better quality insurance, and ever lasting protection from whatever the world can throw at us…and we can do it in less than 15 minutes too through our ‘meals’!

We have a ‘dietary supplement’ today. Consider it a ‘meal replacement’ for what a lot of mainstream religions won’t touch with the rod of Moses, much less a ’10 foot pole’…and a lot of them are still serving ‘milk’! They have become a spiritual day-care center! No wonder the church is heading the way it is.

They must have forgotten that their Spirits needs to mature as their bodies do.

As we grow in our faith (being the goal right?), we must have it proven via challenges.

With those challenges, more ‘sustaining foods’ are required – meaty, protein based ‘foods’ if you will, that help us work and walk through our faith.

That being said, we have opened up the grill and are serving meat! Here are some nuggets of ‘protein’ to munch on while mainstream finds their dusty book of Revelations for reference…Prophecy, is the majority of The Bible, also it’s ‘meat’. Naturally, understanding it will help us work, live and love as Jesus wants us to.

So here is the first:

Yeah…okay, these  are 19 plus minutes…free up your schedule a bit.

After all, better info on your insurance policy is better than a quick rundown?

If you found these teachings interesting you can find more on their YouTube page…[FOUND HERE]

Bon Appetite and…


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