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Salt, Light, Power

11 July, 2014

To bring up a part of a previous post…those that believe in Jesus are Salt and light to the world…An interesting aspect of some of the simplest naturally occurring elements in the earth making a difference in their surroundings…under intelligent guidance or design if you would. Not that this diminishes Yehovah’s words but should actually add to them.

If the video doesn’t work, here’s another lead..

If we were ‘dumber’ back then as proposed by the worldwide evolutionist religion, then we have actually ‘gotten dumber’ through history-heh! We think Jesus knew and is telling us 2000 + years later – the BIG picture!

Salt brings flavors alive in cooking – even helps temper sweets. Think how bland food gets without salt…

And with only water, there isn’t a ‘current’ to allow electricity in water until something (SALT) IS ADDED..pretty neat!

Anyway, we have been involved with getting our power station set up, moving, trying to find a place to live, and working. God see mams to like giving us challenges in the past few months, but our attitude will determine the outcome!

Speaking of work, we’d like to move from energy production to energy it were.

Today’s spotlight shines on an artist. Here are some shots of  Robb at his most recent job (Beachside Community Church, FWB,FL.) – an creative artist, being salt, light and adding some ‘life’ to their renovation project…

Fish-Face Robb

beachside-LSwaumbaland beachside-RS waumbaland beachside-waumbaland arch


Robb Painting walls

Robb's Pufferfish2

Hey, do you think the kids will love this? The parents really do!

He also paints just about anything – from cars to roller-blades and everything in between! Its nice to see artists, who love the Lord and loves to apply their talent to and for the kingdom of  God – if even in a ‘small’ way!

We will post more of his work as well as the final pics on this job..maybe he could come paint some stuff for you? He also has a blog under development showcasing more of his portfolio – we’ll post that as well, once it’s completed.

If that’s not enough, he also contributes to this blog occasionally as a guest writer/researcher and plays guitar in local churches and around the world for various ministries. An artistic ministry is what we call it!

If you have news or pictures of other everyday Christians at work doing what they love, send us links,and photos to post. We want to encourage everyone working or in the ministry to do as unto to the Lord…as if HE was your boss. It makes things a lot easier and your work will be better!


In EVERYTHING you do, do it as unto the Lord-with a joyful heart…so you can be salt and light to a dying generation!



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