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A Smart Donut? Smarts, Doe’n It?

13 April, 2014

Greetings, and thanks for stopping but The Countdown to see what’s ew on the menu.

We’ve been busy with life as of late – especially in the creation of a new business/ministry called O.T.G. Living Systems (or something of the like), but so far, we have been putting our money where our mouth is as the saying goes. So going is slow…so far.

mAKING A 180 DEGREE change of lifestyle can be too challenging for some to try this, but as we know, the best way to make money is to not spend it…on things that you will never see again.

Invest into your life rather than just allow life to invest in you. We mean to say that, instead of going to school via a 30yr. indentured slavery to something that may not even work, invest in something that you know does work! Go with what you know…at least for a beginning.

We have been living without “grid power” for about four months now. And only a trickle of water from the tap that gets stored in a 100 gallon tank and then filtered and cleaned from chemicals before drinking. We collect rain water that is also filtered to use for gardening to outdoor washing to flushing toilets. Yes, we still pay the water bill, but trying to live more simply – as our ancestors did, but with new things that make it a bit easier. Electricity is one of those love/hate things in that, we seem to need it somewhat, but it also causes problems too, as Nikoli Tesla pointed out.

Today’s ‘special’ is focused on the “SMART GRID” of society (just another ‘club’ if you ask treburn) and what our kids are faced with using it. Smart meters, phones and the like all are causing multiple issues with life around us, but because we live in a fast paced life, we tend to forget the important things and live for our virtual reality of life.

We did some research on the smart meters and what they were all about, but since we are talking about electricity, we are adding this in. We decided that given the data we didn’t want it on our house, so when we found that one had been installed, we had to have a talk with the boss man/woman of Monoply Electric Company – fictitious yes, situation real…

We actually went in and confronted our power company manager about having a smart meter installed on our housebut they stated “It’s our meters and we can do what we want with them.” To which our response was, “We don’t want that box on our house!” Then the manager just smiled and said “Well, you just won’t have power then!”

Funny on thier business card it states, “We care about our customers.”, to what we add “…money”!

Added to this, from others’ conclusions as well, you CAN’T depend on the power company 100%! Especially to care if their device is harmful and that’s what we’re after now.

So, we started moving O>T>G> and glad to have done so because we just had a freak storm blow through recently and people lost their power on our block, but not us! Those 4 true deep cycle batteries, a 1000w inverter, and a vehicle that could double as a generator (10-15min./hr.) to keep the batts topped up has worked great! But it’s time to take things to the next level via solar, wind and other forms of power generation.

Funny how in some places, now, NOT having a meter on your property is a crime! And those who choose to do so have been prosecuted and jailed! UNBELIEVABLE!

The grid and all the smart technology is turning out to be not so smart – at least for our welfare, privacy, security, health and well being…

Clean water generation will be our next focus probably but for now, the “SAMRT METERS”…a little giggle.

Well, here’s how they were sold at first, by the liar-in chief-islamoneonazi, Mr. O …

Then you have the ones who start asking questions and finding out THIER OWN answers which prove the heads are removed from the body – the general population that is.

and this one…




So…these are just a few things that are encouraging us to go O.T.G. as much as possible!

Buy or make solar panels, generators, batteries, windmills, hydro, gasify and steam engines.

The scriptures also to encourage us as believers to separate ourselves from the ways of  the world and to become holy unto God…“but it ain’t easy!” yelled treburn

Seperate  so that we don’t share in the punishment of the wicked – whatever that may be…The grid going down? “Darkness covers the land?” Being powerless? NOT SO! As for us we will be our OWN power company – just as EVERY HOUSE should be IT’S own power company! And we intend to help others do so if they choose as part of our business and ministry.

Till next time…



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