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TP…P? What Could That Be?

5 February, 2014

Greetings and thanks for stopping by the countdown to see what’s new on the menu.

We hope you have all had a great time this past holiday time, but it’s time to move on to the main course, or…shift it into overdrive!

We have another mashup video about what could happen if humans, politics, technology and the spirit world gets mashed up together…

and our second main course:

The M.O.B.?

The M.O.B.?


Now perhaps we can see why Google has bought 9 robotics companies, investing in and eventually installing full-blown artificial intelligence to the ‘net. We’ll look more on these things in the next few installments of our new year’s ‘publication’.

Heh, whacha’ think, the G20, 8 and other high level meetings are really all about? Population control rather than be fruitful and multiply…

Two VERY different approaches to life. What’s the best path? We’ll support live and let live, or in a word, LOVE.

This technology is becoming less of a benefit and more of a huge waste of time, money, and life.  Use the tool for good and not evil. A hammer can build, or it can destroy – it’s all about the heart condition of the user. Another reason to unplug to connect. Actually talk to people not the phone or camera. If you can see them and they can see you, then someone else can also see you.

A very overplayed attempt for a created being to be as God, in our humble opinion.

Mostly, it just all equates to a big roll of TP (Toilet Paper) for wiping up the P(otty). In all it’s all a big waste…pun intended! Or it could stand for Toilet Paper Patrol…still just designed for s***. Heh!

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