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Merry Christmas to All! And a Happy New World?

30 December, 2013

Greetings and Merry CHristmas to all who have stopped by to see what’s new on the menu.

A gift of soup…or ‘(sit and) stew’ as it were.

Well, in our kitchen we have…Ham and potato soup, going for our little meal, but you can use this ‘recipe’ pretty much for your ‘standard’ method of home-style soups and stews!


This is probably the best way to maximize nutrients and food consumption…plus it just feels so good to the body afterwards. It’s as if you can feel the nutrients getting absorbed!

First, get a ham, on the bone, and trim most of the meat off (you can leave some on) and set this meat aside till later. Put the bones and some meat and fat you trimmed from the main meat into your soup or crock pot.

2. Fill with enough water to just cover the ham (beef, chicken, rabbit, deer, etc. works here as well) bones, meat and fat you wish to keep in – all about flavor after all. We also add 1 – 12 oz. bottle of beer (a certain black and tan) but this can be any kind of beer really, or a wine, mead – even chopped fruit and fruit juice (apple or citrus pineapple) for something different…

So we think he was saying that a good rule of thumb is don’t fill the kettle more than halfway full with water. After you add other ingredients, it gets up to overflow quickly! So your pot should be about half full at all times with the meat, bones and fat  in it. DO NOT STIR while this cooks down. It makes it easier for the next step. Either that, or he was needin a refill…

3.Bring the pot to a low boil and then simmer from 6 to up to 24 hours, untouched! MAKE SURE TO keep liquid levels just above the meat or else it will burn and stink the next day. Plus it’s really hard to clean up and could even be a fire hazard!

After 30 years of cooking practice treburn has hit just about all these – heh!

4.Then after this time, remove everything you can from the broth, and set aside to cool. Obviously, in soup, you would keep the broth, so strain through a fine mesh and capture liquid in a bowl or pot that can hold this amount of liquid, of course, and you will have a pretty good, clear broth full of nutrients and flavor, ready for the next step.

5.Then as this stuff cools, cut up the meat you set aside and add this to the broth as it simmers. An optional thing to do is grill,smoke,fry, or pan sear this meat first and then add to broth…OMG kick it to the next notch!

6.Then peel and cut up your onions, garlic, veggies, herbs and other things you wanna‘ put in there…we used potatoes, onions, garlic, carrots, celery, parsley and some savory herbs. Try to cut, chop, slice everything close to the SAME size – as in good stir-fry – so it cooks at about the same rate, and adds a uniformity  to your recipe and gives you a little knife practice…

“If not used, then lost…”treburn muttered and then trailed off in thoughts of survival…

Wow…ok…back to recipe…

7.Go through the stuff you pulled out from the broth earlier and take all the meat out and add to the broth. Take the left overs and feed to dogs or cats as a dietary supplement! Take an old blender and crush up a lot of these bones, fat and skin(and meat too!) into a paste that can be added to dry dog food with a bit of water…they love you after they die…they tell Jesus to “give you ‘a break’ for being extra nice to them”…Just Kidding! But the bones are not hard at this point and should be safe for them to consume.

After all the feed manufacturers do this (when they list this in the ingredients) under cleverly disguised politico-jargonese.

8.Add flavorings, salts, pepper, etc. to taste. Go easy on this if you are having guests. If you like it hot, back it off a tad for others, and add the extra hot after you serve. “It’s easier to clean an empty pot than a full one.” so the dishwasher says.

9.We sometimes add heavy cream (about a cup per gal) for ‘color’ mostly, but it helps round everything out, but we like to add it at the end/simmer point so it has less of a chance to boil and curdle if we get distracted from stirring it…

10. Simmer until you like it (of if for a party, go easy – less is more, most of the time) – for a fresh ‘style’ soup/stew, cook for about an hour – you should have a lot of color still in the veggies and probably a bit of tooth to the veggies too. This is where we normally stop cooking (remove from heat) and just let it cool down naturally and by the next day, refrigerated leftovers are always fantastic – especially if it’s cold or rainy outside.

Ok, now back to the ‘recipe’ of stew we are in…

First we wish all well and prosperity in this new age of slavery, i.e. -credit.

We pray you find ways to overcome the evils of bad debt and learn the possibilities of good debt – which can make your family’s Christmas more meaningful this year…in other words, don’t go crazy with ‘gifts’from marketing scamsbut make the gifts you DO give, count, make a difference, and are from your heart. Some of our most precious gifts were handmade by someone we knew, not by what they got at a store. Dwell/Selah.

After all, that’s what CHristmas is all about. Love for someone else. For God gave us His only Son that whoever believes on Him and confesses Jesus is Lord will have everlasting life – John 3:16 – our paraphrase..

It’s not a religion, Its a truth. We apologize, but it’s time to get possessive about what is uniquely and inherently ours, CHRISTIANS!

Christmas is not for those who reject Jesus, God the Father, the Holy Spirit or The Bible!

It is a holiday (and time to reflect) for Christians and Jews who believe in Jesus. Hopefully there will be others non-believers, dis-enchanted with the world’s commercialism of every holiday, drawn to the light show on display in the cold dark evenings of December!

This seasonal greetings comes from all us, we believe, however, there are many who just seem to grasp things quicker…like Rene’s post here (or later…like us – sorry it’s late):

Interesting. There are other things that equate Satan as Santa. The red suit, and hat with it’s particular shape, etc. – even to his being abit on the softer side, if you catch the meaning. Heh!

But don’t let this fool you. It has all been started with the power class of society and lots of very shrewd marketing – and brainwashing of the public. Slowly, incrementally the agenda comes at us like a like a flash flood…and then it’s too late.

Actually this ties into some of the discussions of though here about the beast and the mark and things relayed in scriptures via prophecy. We just came across this today and its very interesting. We love Dr. Chuck Missler who discusses this for about 13 minutes. Then it cuts to what could be the answer to our questions…here take a look:

Its interesting if it’s about oaths just as we accept and proclaim Jesus and that HE is LORD – always the few who choose the higher ground.

LIFE IS A CHOICE where WE WANT to spend ETERNITY! God doesn’t technically send or accept except through His laws that He set up… probably before He made anything else, so that all creation was subject to them.

Our actions sanctify or condemn us – based on the laws He started, and our confession.

God at least puts all the rules for the game of life in His book for us – which is better than some manuals you get. We also think there are fewer pages to read than in the (IDIOTIC AND ABSURD) “Obamacare” Health Care Bill.

And you can trust on that Bible better then the Constitution, Bill of Rights and all other forms of “current legislation” that tries to filter into the ‘system’ while mainstream media keeps ‘the focus’ on up to ‘four (stories) of poor (bad news) and no mo’…per day, that is.

It’s always a distraction, but this year we a are trying something new as a family. It’s a spec-op we will be involved with, but we can only say that: a Uniform in November for Papa should be Lima bean green – or a Uniform for Golf. Do that, and you can connect – literally, not virtually! It keeps the snoops down, the bills bigger, the love larger, the brain busier, well…all sorts of things,  IYKWIM!

We’ll keep y’all posted but until then, have a great time with your family this season of renewal. We pray the best for you in the New Year, but we believe we are living in the ” get ready” stage of “get ready, get set,  go!” of the end times…

SO stay alert and sharp. Keep love for God and others your focus, not that slick thingy-ma-bob on T.V. Sing praise and give glory to Jesus for He is the only one who can claim ultimate Lord-ship over all, through His selfless sacrifice to save those who possess nothing more than faith in Him from everlasting darkness and to be with Him forever. Ther’s something else in there about helping Him run things after that – the true idealistic Kingdom, where everyone is happy, free, and eternally perfect! Believe me, you will finally get that dream job too! Boredom will also be obsolete but until then…


P>S>treburn tried shouting from the kitchen, but the ham and potato soup he was making and subsequently tasting caused him to actually cough more and shout less, but this is what he was trying to convey between wheezes and coughs…we think…”The C and H i n CHeers is a glass half fullAnyway, back to the recipe…


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