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HealthCare or Slavery?

4 December, 2012

Greetings y’all and welcome to another installment of  The Countdown.

Sorry for not many posts lately for those faithful readers, but we’ve been undergoing some training exercises in patience, forgiveness, and long-suffering. The joy of the Lord as our strength!

Today’s particular recipe comes from a tip given by none other than jomama.

Take a look at what the “Obama Healthcare Bill” is really about. So we are already in the seven years of Tribulation?! It’s possible… which would mean that right around March or April 2013 would start the second half…but the only way to know is to keep our eyes on the times and compare and contrast with what’s in the scriptures. Here’s what we’re serving today as an example:

So, the meaning of life is really about THE one and only choice of where we will spend eternity. This little doozy is just one way to choose our destiny – forced by those who deny there is God Creator of the Universes…

Chew on that for a while. We hope to post before Christmas, but be praying for us, as we could sure use it right about now!


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