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A Bit of This and That…

8 September, 2012

…The mice will play when there is no cat!  (to put a spin on a common metaphor, and to make it rhyme)…

Greetings and welcome to The Countdown to see what’s new on the menu.

More to chew and digest here than at any giant buffet, we feature what is known as a smorgasbord of random yet connected elements possibly pointing to the bigger picture…and so on 😉

So today we present a ‘buffet of info’ collected in the past month. Sorry for not posting recently, we have been dealing with other things. However, we have been putting together info for your viewing and infotainment…

First up, a little insider information:


“But how about integrating humans with commerce and that mark of the beast stuff “? Someone might say…

“Take a look at this…the beginning of trans-humanism.”

We’re going WAY beyond pacemakers and medical devices to help, here.

More on the M.O.B. (Mark of the Beast) And notice how one guy has it on his forehead – they are mocking or ‘fulfilling’ prophecy…one or the other it’s something that should be avoided:


Can I get a second witness?


And watch this, basically, interesting video if ya feel like seeing how the ‘angel-alien thing’ may connect. It also makes mention of  circuitry attached to tissue (if this is true, of  course):

Example for cyborg-ism/trans-humanism is found in the following video – starts about 1:07:00:

The Bible tells us that the sons of God (angels) left their heavenly abode after all…go figure 😉 And Jude was quoting from The Book of Enoch (vs.14,15)…


Next we have this movie. If you have seen 2016 in the theaters, it may be one of the best things to raise your awareness to the coup de’ etat going on in America nowhopefully and with much prayer, together we can help stop this atrocity. If you don’t have funds to spend on a movie, here is one put out by Alex Jones three years earlier. Don’t forget the popcorn 😉

And finally to up the spirits, THIS last motivating video to let us realize that there are still some who hold God’s words to humanity more precious than silver:

Yet more examples of His promises being fulfilled to even the most remote places of the world and most just don’t hear about it, or wanna’ know, but we here at The Countdown, feel there are more  important elements (than even the elections) to consider, when looking at “The Big Picture”.


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