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Robots, Snakes and Nanites, Oh My!

30 May, 2012

Greetings y’all to our newest ‘recipe’…

Well, honestly, it’s more like a rehash of some old ideas, but one man’s béchamel is another’s alfredo’…hey that might be an original! 🙂

But first, here’s what we came across today…

Tool-wielding robots crawl in bodies for surgery

APNews | 20 hours ago

Imagine a tiny snake robot crawling through your body, helping a surgeon identify diseases and perform operations.

It’s not science fiction. Scientists and doctors are using the creeping metallic tools to perform surgery on hearts, prostate cancer, and other diseased organs. The snakebots carry tiny cameras, scissors and forceps, and even more advanced sensors are in the works. For now, they’re powered by tethers that humans control. But experts say the day is coming when some robots will roam the body on their own.

“It won’t be very long before we have robots that are nanobots, meaning they will actually be inside the body without tethers,” said Dr. Michael Argenziano, the Chief of Adult Cardiac Surgery at New York-Presbyterian Hospital and Columbia University Medical Center in New York.

Robot Snake?

Argenziano was involved with some of the first U.S. Food and Drug Administration clinical trials on robotic heart surgery more than 10 years ago. Now he says snake robots have become a commonly used tool that gives surgeons a whole new perspective.

“It’s like the ability to have little hands inside the patients, as if the surgeon had been shrunken, and was working on the heart valve,” he said.

But Argenziano and experts in robotics say the new creations work best when they’re designed for very specific tasks. “The robot is a tool. It is no different in that sense than a scalpel. It’s really a master-slave device,” he said.


Sound familiar? No? Yes? We think it does, but it’s taken awhile for it to sink in…how about we back up for a minute and take a look at this movie for starters to see where were coming from…

Synopsis of Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

Erstwhile inventor Prof. Wayne Szalinski (Rick Moranis) has been experimenting with an electromagnetic shrinking machine. He leaves the device unattended in his attic; shortly afterward, it is accidentally activated. Alas, the demon machine is aimed at his children, as well as the son of neighbor Russ Thompson (Matt Frewer). The kids, shrunk to 1/4-inch height, are tossed into the trash bin by the unwitting Szalinski.

Honey Shrunken Kids…

For the rest of the film, our teeny-tiny protagonists attempt to gain their parents’ attention — and to survive the wilds of the backyard, where all sorts of dangers, from bumblebees to lawnmowers, threaten their well-being. Honey, I Shrunk the Kids features Marcia Strassman as Moranis‘ wife, and juvenile players Robert Oliveri, Kristine Sutherland, Thomas Brown, Jared Rushton, and Amy O’Neill. The visual effects are the handiwork of such masters as Joe Johnston, Phil Tippett, and David Allen. When originally released to theaters, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids was double-billed with the Roger Rabbit cartoon Tummy Trouble; this is how it is presented on videotape as well. The film (the live-action one, that is) prompted a 1992 sequel, Honey, I Blew Up the Kid. ~ Hal Erickson, Rovi


Adventure, excitement, it’s just a movie, right? Interesting …

Well then, let’s take it back to a previous movie:



Tuck Pendleton is a cocky pilot, who is taking part in a miniaturization experiment. When some bad guys break into the lab to steal the technology, one of the scientists takes a syringe which contains the miniaturized Tuck and vessel. Now in the vessel is part of the material needed to restore him. But the other part which is the lab is stolen. The scientist’s shot but before dying he injects Tuck into Jack Putter, a hypochondriac, who feels that something is wrong with him all the time.

When Tuck links himself to Jack’s systems, he discovers that something happened. So they go back to the lab, and discover what happened. Now they are told that unless they retrieve the material that was stolen they won’t be able to restore Tuck before his oxygen is depleted. Now the government rep decides that the only thing that matters that as long as they have the other half of the material… Written by <>


Ok fine, you may see the point of incrementalism now? No? ok how about an earlier version, Fantastic Voyage:

Fantastic Voyage

Stephen Boyd heads a team of scientists sent on a bizarre experimental mission. Through a revolutionary and as-yet-untested process, the scientists and their special motorized vehicle are miniaturized, then injected into the blood stream of a near-death scientist (Jean del Val). Their mission is to relieve a blood clot caused by an assassination attempt. One member of the expedition is bent on sabotage so that the scientist’s secrets will die with him.


What we found interesting is that this was written by Issac Asimov originally. Wow!, One of our favorite authors right? Interesting that:

Asimov attended New York City public schools, including Boys High School, in Brooklyn, New York.[23] Graduating at 15, he went on to Seth Low Junior College, a branch of Columbia University in Brooklyn designed to admit larger numbers of Jewish and Italian-American students at Columbia College, then the institution’s primary undergraduate school for men. Originally a zoology major, Asimov changed his subject to chemistry after his first semester as he disapproved of “dissecting an alley cat”. After Seth Low Junior College closed in 1938, Asimov finished his BS degree at University Extension (later the Columbia University School of General Studies) in 1939. When he failed to secure admission to medical school, he applied to the graduate program in chemistry at Columbia; initially rejected and then only accepted on a probationary basis, Asimov completed his MA in chemistry in 1941 and earned a PhD in biochemistry in 1948. In between, he spent three years during World War II working as a civilian at the Philadelphia Navy Yard‘s Naval Air Experimental Station. After the war ended, he was drafted into the U.S. Army, serving for almost nine months before receiving an honorable discharge. In the course of his brief military career, he rose to the rank of corporal on the basis of his typing skills, and narrowly avoided participating in the 1946 atomic bomb tests at Bikini Atoll.

After completing his doctorate, Asimov joined the faculty of the Boston University School of Medicine, with which he remained associated thereafter.[24] From 1958, this was in a non-teaching capacity, as he turned to writing full-time (his writing income had already exceeded his academic salary). Being tenured meant that he retained the title of associate professor, and in 1979 the university honored his writing by promoting him to full professor of biochemistry.


What we find even more interesting is that he also wrote about ‘nanites’  – you know those ‘teeny little robot bugs’ like in this series (and others) written around the same timeframe:

The Robots of Dawn

Book Cover


A millennium into the future two advances have altered the course of human history: the colonization of the Galaxy and the creation of the positronic brain. Isaac Asimov’s Robot novels chronicle the unlikely partnership between a New York City detective and a humanoid robot who must learn to work together.

Detective Elijah Baiey is called to the Spacer world Aurora to solve a bizarre case of roboticide. The prime suspect is a gifted roboticist who had the means, the motive, and the opportunity to commit the crime. There’s only one catch: Baley and his positronic partner, R. Daneel Olivaw, must prove the man innocent. For in a case of political intrigue and love between woman and robot gone tragically wrong, there’s more at stake than simple justice. This time Baley’s career, his life, and Earth’s right to pioneer the Galaxy lie in the delicate balance.

Or there is this ‘newer’ movie…I, Robot where nanites have a more destructive potential:

Fact or Fiction?


“He also helped Gene Roddenberry with the writings of Star Trek…”, treburn interrupted, “now  let me see, who wants remote controlled drones of all sizes and shapes (and dare I say DNA), all data, records, emails, using iPhones and cameras everywhere and even a robot in every household (and person – chip implants and innoculations) by 2020 (and probably sooner rather than later) to ‘watch over’ the masses?” “Hmmm…need more research we think?!  Can someone say ‘carbon tax’ ON humans?!”

There is more to this social media programming than meets the eye, sequels and such, but we hope you can see how movies and particularly a lot of ‘sci-fi’ seems to be working more as a deception for the masses…think “Project Bluebeam”…have a huge tendency to be more like propaganda and programming from the ‘elites‘ (ones that think they are in control of one thing or another) and less like entertainment.

It’s more akin to ‘infotainment’ as it’s basic level. It draws you in…the drama, special effects, background music and more special effects…but just think about it.

If they can do this in a movie, (even on set) then there could be a bigger real life psychological warfare going on for our minds. Did we really go to the moon or was the’ footage’ faked in one of Disney’s huge sound studios?

Perhaps some are going beyond technology, developing and implementing mind control, i.e.”MK Ultra”, remote viewing and such…either depraved humans or demons (and evil ‘aliens’/angels)  using humans once again.

But we know one thing is for sure; it is to get people to think about these ‘imaginary/science FICTION’ things and keep their minds off of what truly matters in our own lives – our VERY REAL spiritual condition and to begin with, just being able to acknowledge that there is one.

It’s (movie) magic, its deception. Deception is what started the human path to destruction  to begin with, oh, and I almost forgot and ‘to be like god’s knowing good and evil.’

Now the serpent was more cunning than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made. And he said to the woman, “Has God indeed said, ‘You shall not eat of every tree of the garden’?”

And the woman said to the serpent, “We may eat the fruit of the trees of the garden; but of the fruit of the tree which is in the midst of the garden, God has said, ‘You shall not eat it, nor shall you touch it, lest you die.’”

Then the serpent said to the woman, “You will not surely die. For God knows that in the day you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”


 Mankind didn’t know evil before they took and ate of the ‘fruit’ of it…evil is never good or ‘cool’ and light always overcomes darkness. Prove me wrong here. Light a candle in a dark room… now light a few more…heck just turn on the lights and see what happens! 🙂

Until next time,


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