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Hello Again!

18 May, 2012

After a brief  ‘hiatus’, we are back, somewhat.

We have really missed doing the research and posting it for y’all, but it has been good to depressurize and attend to some things on a more local and family level.
We’re sure., however, that y’all have been following the news and with all the hubbub, it’s almost impossible to cover it ALL!

Fortunately, there are others, better funded and set up for the ‘long haul’ than we, here at The Countdown, can manage. Kudos to all y’all fighting The GOOD Fight; keep rockin’ it!

Recently we’ve come across a really interesting presentation found on Prophecy In The News (recently added to our blogroll) and this could add a new ‘spice to some of your ‘cooking recipes’…

“Hmmm… seems that some ‘changes have been made to this interface since we’ve logged on last”, said treburn wryly. “It figures…more encroaching gov-control no doubt…for our “safety” or some nonsensical lie…” 

Well, here are the links anyway…try them out:
Corrupting The Image
Part 1:

Part 2:

…and their homepage for more vids:

The Blood is soooo important.

Jesus’ blood, our blood – even animal’s blood apparently, not just to The HeavenlyFather but to satinists as well, think about it, do the homework…

Maybe that ‘little revelation’ about our blood ‘upgrading’ to the next phase of plasma, lightning, isn’t so far fetched after all  -“Blood and Lightning”  click here.

Hope y’all enjoyed…we certainly did!

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