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Merry Christmas All!

25 December, 2011

Greetings and merry Christmas readers!

Thanks for stopping by The Countdown to see what’s new on the menu.

First we apologize to those who have stopped by for new content…we haven’t had internet connection for a month now, due to financial constraints. So we’re writing from another ‘connection’.

As much as we feel we NEED a connection of some sort to the outside world, we have used this time to ‘chill out’ and focus on our more immediate surroundings for the moment.

Sometimes in order to ‘change the world’ we need to work on ourselves first, families second, neighbors third…then the whole community will change. If Jesus is the center of this change, then VERY GOOD THINGS can happen! Conversely, if  the ‘worldly ways’ of doing things get involved, then a downward spiral will happen in the community etc…

For those who have eyes to see, it may not be sharia law implemented in America first but perhaps atheism. Here is an example of what Christians in America could be facing this next year…

Atheist groups have snapped up all but three of the 21 spaces in Santa Monica’s Palisades Park that Christian groups have used for almost 60 years for annual Nativity scenes, the Santa Monica Press reports.

The 14 displays, featuring life-size figures, that normally appear along the length of Ocean Avenue are confined to three spaces this year because of a random lottery system set up to more fairly allocate the space…


or this:


Well as far as we can see, in order to NOT believe in God, you’d have to believe there is a possibility of His existence, otherwise semantically speaking, they are dealing with an oxymoron… like “military intelligence”. In order to be an ae-theist, there must be a least a shadow of theism.

What a way to be jerks…why would they CARE if they don’t believe in the existence of a God or Jesus? Why would they snap up all but three displays? Why spend the money on this or on bus advertising. Why start trouble?

We think that question answers itself, if one is prone to a bit of critical thinking.

We feel this is the answer – they do believe, but don’t want anyone else to! Otherwise they could be spending all that dough on sending out missionaries and  making up their ‘atheist bibles’. Oh wait, that’s what the politicians are doing now…no Jesus in schools or in public for that matter.

Agnostics just can’t deal with the truth…everyone else  believes in a deity or dieties of some sort.

Well Merry Christmas anyway! Stay true to The Truth! We (hopefully) will be able to get our internet connection back on soon, but until then our posts may be more sporadic as to whatever console we can get to to post on…until the next issue,


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