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Alert, Awake, Aware…The Time is Gettin’ Near!

26 July, 2011

Greetings ya’ll. Thanks for stopping by The Countdown to see what’s new on the menu…
There is something going on in the supernatural realm that seems to be different than ‘normal’ as of late. Many other people have noticed this…some of our thoughts:

Are strange things and goings on happening around you?

Have you even noticed, or do the cares of this life take precedence over your soul?

If you do happen to take notice or feel a change in the wind, are you full of fear and anxiety, or have you rationalized them be little or nothing at all other than coincidences and random similar events?

Do you look to God for answers or think man in his finite wisdom can present anything as good as what has been created? Shoot, mankind can’t even figure out why they are here…much less save themselves from death, so why listen to them?  The answers present themselves in the Bible…yes, penned by man, but the message is consistent over thousands of years; even has codes, proving that it was INSPIRED by someone HIGHER than mankind…but I digress, and return to the subject – Alert, Awake, Aware.

Many of us have been feeling weird lately. Not just the ‘regular weird’ – you know, the ‘I don’t feel like getting out of bed today’ weird, or the ‘Why bother?’ weird, but the ‘somewhat indescribable’ weird. It’s a feeling for sure, but more of a ‘gut’ or a ‘knowing’ feeling rather than ‘I think I may puke’ feeling 🙂

It’s something spiritual for sure, but in many of our experiences, it is one that has not been felt before, or at most, for a very long time.

Whether or not he knows it, mankind is in a ‘high stakes battle’ – over their own souls and where they all will live…forever, even if their ‘earth suit’ deactivates (they die).

It then becomes where do these people go after the fact, forever? Moms have a unique privilege to usher in spirit beings in an earth suit (the interface into the natural world), so that they may make a choice to forever be with God…or not. On earth, we are all given at least one opportunity to decide where we want to take up our eternal residence…and with whom.

The Bible presents two places. In a condensed nutshell – to live with good aliens forever, or to live with the evil ‘aliens’ forever, or if you prefer a more arcane presentation; with God and His angels or Satan, the fallen angels, the demons (spirits of the chimeras – 1/2 Nephalim=fallen angels, 1/2 human)…forever. Forever is a  lonnnnnnnnnng time.

treburn interrupted, “Actually it is a lonnnnnnnnnng time-lessness.

Remember, God doesn’t send people to Hell. They send themselves by making a choice – and a real simple one at that: Turn (repent and seek God) or Burn (in Hell forever – a place originally reserved for angels and those who do not want to be with God).

It really comes down to: Do you want to live with God or not? There are places designed for either choice.

What stinks too, is that people choose not to believe that there ARE places like this,  but can TOTALLY believe in visiting other planets, galaxy hopping and meeting strange intelligent life in outer space.

The Bible clearly, albeit poetically, tells us this IS what we are dealing with, but, here again, mankind (scientists and those puffed up with ‘knowledge’, yet don’t have the wisdom to use it correctly) has ‘made his own creation’ and call it UFO’s, Aliens, and the Paranormal…or something like this; just as long as God, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, The Ten Commandments and everything decent and holy are not involved…and described away as something ancient and irrelevant.

As we believe here at The Countdown, Pentecost looks like the perfect time for the rapture of Jesus’ bride – the Church – to happen.

We also believe there is a second rapture that will probably happen in the 2014/15 time line around Rosh Hashanah – The Last Trump for the wedding party – the bridesmaids, wedding party and friends of the Groom and Bride (lukewarm and backslidden saints/tribulation believers, the 144,000 and the two witnesses. This appears to be the middle point of the 7 year Tribulation Period. These are our beliefs and you don’t have to have them – just sharing. The MAIN point here is that IT WILL happen sometime and TO BE READY for it.

The Return of the Groom and Bride may very well happen in the 2017-18 fall feasts period – Sept – Dec.

Pentecost seems to be at the end of this month instead of at the beginning, something that we had forgotten about in a previous post…oops…

This COULD be the time of the Rapture, placing it on our HIGH WATCH LIST of times and seasons.

[On a brief side not, we also believe our BAROMETER for  spiritual events is what is happening to Israel now]

Pray ya’ll! The time is getting closer now! The Wedding/HoneyMOON is about to take place! – The rapture of the Church

Then the Wedding Supper of the Lamb...the rapture of tribulation believers, etc.

Then the Return of the Groom, and Wedding Party.

Then, things will be really awesome for about another thousand years…until the survivors’ children and generations (as people will start to live longer lives than they do now) are faced with making a decision about what Jesus has already done for them…some will once again choose not to be with God; the Devil is released for a brief time, and gathers these unbelievers together for a final Battle against the Lord, is utterly defeated and FINALLY sent to the LAKE OF FIRE along with DEATH! There seems to be another rapture at this point? Also New Jerusalem and the Bride touches down or is at a geosynchronous orbit with earth…

Anyway, there will be no more sin and people will no longer dielet that sink in.

Then things will be as they were originally intended…finally!

Some of this could be off a smidg’ – as we are only created beings prone to error, but this seems to be a general consensus of revelation of Biblical prophetic events found throughout the Bible…

Thanks for visiting and hope we didn’t scare you off with the truth. treburn mused in a similar Jack Nicholson imitation “You said you could handle the Truth!”


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  1. hemp permalink
    9 August, 2011 18:24

    …… The beginning of wisdom is Get wisdom yea with all thy getting get understanding. .Rethinking The Scriptures in light of their Ancient Near Eastern Cultural Historical Linguistic Literary and Theological contexts….. This Psalm is ascribed to David and within it he asks the question who shall sojourn in thy tabernacle? Who shall dwell in thy holy hill? David refers to God in the third person by using thy and from these questions comes the title for this article Who will live with God?.It seems most interesting to me that this is the exact question that almost all people ask.


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