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‘Project Bluebeam’ In Action?

28 June, 2011

So, remember our discussion earlier [HERE], and [HERE], and on other linked sites, about [PROJECT BLUEBEAM]? What if this is a small taste of more elaborate work? It’s not like the technology doesn’t exist. Take a look at one commercial application:

[FOUND HERE] with a video:

Now a ‘test to ‘entertain’ or deceive the masses? Perhaps, but take a look:

also found on [FOX NEWS – FOUND HERE]

One thing’s a clue, is that there was a medium in the air – water vapor/mist/rain/barium nitrate/aluminum – to project onto? Maybe via satellite?

Either way, this is kinda cool, but we’re prepared for great deception too. Wise as serpents, gentle as doves…watching and waiting servants of the Lord Jesus Christ…


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