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Think the FDA is on the Level? Think again…

14 June, 2011

Step right up to your limited time view of this new documentary recently released.

First 30 min free to watch:


Yup the medical industry is big busisness…so much so we ‘need’ a new a new health care (death care) bill, from the Evil one’s camp?

Stock up on vitamins, and minerals.. get a book or two on natural medicines too. It may help 🙂

***update*** Here is another cancer-curing video, even if it contains controversial information. But this info may help someone YOU know who has or has had cancer. Medicine made from plants that ‘bear seeds’…Genesis…read it. Make more sense to me than ‘modern medicine’s’ approach.  BE WISE HERE…that all we’re sayin’. After all who told ‘us’ that it was bad? The government hmmm…something fishey smells here…heh.

Just massive doses of Vitamin C can be an anti-cancerous too. “When life give you lemons, eat ’em!” treburn shouted.

The best treatment is the word and power of God. After all, Jesus healed many, many people who were sick and oppressed by ‘devils’.


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  1. Anonymous permalink
    12 July, 2011 22:20

    Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 68 066 times…………


    • 28 July, 2011 10:22

      Yes thanks to them and to God!


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