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Make Sure to “Look at This ‘Gift’ Horse In The Mouth”…

3 June, 2011

More about the Black Horse and Rider…call it a brief History lessontainment…get some popcorn and a drink, this may take a while.


Or, here is a similar 2 hour presentation. We appreciate all this hard work! Thank you for posting it!

Maybe this interests you, so here is a NEW 2011 2hr45m Zietgiest 3:

*update* – We did not produce these films and do not necessarily believe everything presented here. BE VERY CAREFUL OF NEW AGE POISONS…that’s all we’re saying.

“Yup, chew up the meat and spit out tha’ bones!” treburn interrupted…

After seeing this, we can understand better why God wants us to choose Him first and foremost. We will be leaving the planet I think 🙂

As long as we are here, and money is around, we should use it most effectively to DO what we are commanded. BUt we should NEVER be looking at our job as our source rather God.

His spiritual/dimensional Kingdom is based on WEALTH while our natural worldly mammon system is based off of DEBT!

Choose this day which god you will serve for no one can serve two masters. God or mammon.
Choose wisely!


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