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The Third Seal: The Black Rider

2 June, 2011

The Black Horseman Has Been Riding…

…and his name is Capitalism?

We have been persuaded that the spiritual things that John saw in Revelations, i.e, ‘The Black Horse and Rider’, could very well be represented in this video, to us in the ‘natural’ realm:

Caution contains elements that may be inappropriate for small children to see…This video is about 29 minutes. Are ya’ll ready for this?

Watch now, tho, because there may be a time where this video will not be available as proof anymore about how the New World Odor, er, I mean Order will be – in America.

After all they may need a squeaky clean image. I wonder whose they’ll steal next. But the black horse and rider is all about commerce, money and food. What we just saw above is how they (those that wish to ‘stay in the black’) will be able to keep starving people away who don’t have or take the MOB chip/tatt.

There is more footage of this kind of thing happening everywhere if you feel so inclined to look and dig but we can look forward to this more and more throughout America as time goes on – without God involved.

That’s how The Black Horse rolls baby…

Imagine now, those same anti-riot police in every neighborhood, and city, airport, mall, streets, etc. randomly stopping you, searching, x-raying (see TSA Atrocities committed in ‘the name of safety’) you, asking for your papers or ‘right to travel’, taking your guns and ability to defend whatever possessions you have left, splitting up your families, beating/killing the most defended and defiant while arresting the defenseless and submissive for torture and abuse later. Doubt it could happen, huh? Sorry, but what about concentration camps (setting aside those in WWII being the most infamous) in America during our several wars? Not really heard about them, huh? Aptly renamed a lot of times ‘refugee’ camps…anyway, it’s happened before and History has a way of repeating itself.

Jails will fill up quickly so they have built detention centers everywhere, and stockpiled other ‘equipment’ for those who will pass from this life to the next…

These ‘control freak fearmongers’ make riots happen through mercenary brutality -you know that routine right? Stage a fight, ‘win’ staged fight, ‘become’ Savior of the day plan?!

This is soooo close to being a real possibility everywhere. Except it could be UN forces to come ‘help’…

As demonstrated in ‘test theaters’, Orson Wells participated in a huge ‘test theatre’ when his “War of the Worlds” was broadcast on the radio for the first time. Many people thought a lot of things, ‘The Rapture’, was one. Others thought it was real, and we were being invaded by aliens or something. This is part of of Project Bluebeam or whatever the ‘new’ name for it is now…Part of the space alien ‘big deception’ nonetheless.

9-11 was the biggest ‘test theatre’ so far – one that we could more clearly see. Sorry to offend those of you who have chosen to take the blue pill or are even just sleepy… 😉 It’s just that when we saw the towers fall, our first thought – it was a purposeful and planned demolition. Not by a plane strike. Clue number 1 scooby doo. I’ve seen enough footage to know a building demolition and to connect those dots immediately…

Disclaimer alert: unless Katrina, and all the earthquakes, floods, storms and such are/were artificially created, even if just enhancing and directing them using harp, and other devices, God could be doing too. The more Mr. O and those visibly and outwardly hateful towards Israel try to divide her, even Jerusalem and mess with God’s turf the more He pays ya’ for what ya’ do – double, triple, etc. back. Curious weather events coinciding with worldwide political events are showing us more and more these are the last days…but this is beginning to be more like the Pale Horse and Rider with Hell following closely behind – Islam and the ‘green’ movement. Sorry to get off track again, heh. Back to black…mammon or monetary-capitalism-system horse…

“We hope that our veterans will back up the people, not capital”…
A powerful statement in the vid above there made by a veteran too…we also know that our God will back up His Word and those that love HIm by keeping HIS commandments!

How can we change things?

Easy 3 step countdown for world peace:

3. Serve God not mammon (world monetary system and ways) _ Jesus said give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s (money) and to God what is God’s (yourself).

2. DO unto others as you would have them do unto you. _This is the second MOST IMPORTANT COMMANDMENT; proceded ONLY by the FIRST MOST IMPORTANT…

1. Love the Lord thy God with all your heart, mind and soul. _According to Your Word and Your will Father God…


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