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31 May, 2011

Just a brief hello, and a reminder to ‘scroll down’; even go through our ‘calendar’ for previous posts. Thanks to all ya’ll commenting and viewing, and even to the lurkers…we know you’re there 🙂

We’ve begun re-reading The Countdown, part of our first year of ‘publication celebration’, and have been truly amazed at what has come out of so much research done! And what’s more, the amazing correlation with everything – especially when The Bible is in the equation.What makes this even more amazing is, we haven’t planned anything!

This whole thing is, more or less, a ‘diary’, but ‘directed’ for sure. Many times we read about something and want to post, but we feel a ‘No’. Sometimes it’s a “Wait”. It just takes time to pray and be still to listen for an answer.

We believe the reason scientists (and those following their finite knowledge) are having a hard time nowadays is that they have been trusting in their own wisdom, instead of looking to ‘Who Wisdom Is’, something and someone that goes far beyond our mortal imaginations, I can assure you! Proverbs tells us about wisdom – as a personality.

We even have posts on Proverbs for a month! [START HERE] and [END HERE] for linear Bible or [START HERE] and [END HERE] for linear blog…either way, it is a daily bible study on wisdom among other things – things that will HELP YOU in everyday life, if you choose to use them, of course!

As we take time to pray, read and study, and research, we ask that you continue in your ‘awakening’ as well.

[SEE WHAT WE WROTE LAST YEAR AT THIS TIME]. It’s really neat how it seems to line up on some things and others… not so much, or a full blown miss! Live and learn…

Take some time to browse some of the links and previous blogs we have provided anyway.

Once again, this information is not for ‘commerce’ but as spokes…to join the hub with the rim. Stuff that may help ya’ll out (and already has helped us)… that’s all! 🙂

What we do see, is that the ‘ending of things’ as we knew them and the beginning of what we can only read about in prophecy (‘Change’) was Mr O’s motto…the outcome of these changes set in place by several administrations, capped by the current one, are cloudy at best. Much may be based on us, the human race , and whether we will seek God’s face or not.

This summer and fall will be interesting – if what we ‘see’  happening (prophecy) correctly (and this is the THE time – too many variables at the moment)…

But, we all can change our outcome in life – always – to the better…if we use the scriptures of God’s Words – The Bible – in our lives.

Turn to God, humble yourself – ask for forgiveness, and give it freeely; pray for God to heal our land, and for the peace of Jerusalem. Maybe He will after all…

If America is ‘Mystery Babylon’ in the Bible, or the ‘whore riding on a beast’ spoken of in Revelations, then..I shudder to think the outcomeif we don’t…

Choose sides now or forever hold your pieces, pizzas, er, peace – heh 🙂


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