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Whoa! See the Trails Dude?

2 May, 2011

Look at THESE Trails ya’ll – a little too close to home:

‘They’ started hitting the skies early this day 21 April 2011. Ten days later, I hear about achey muscles, tiredness, unusual forgetfulness, mucous buildup, allergic reactions going crazy, respiratory ailments etc, etc. from lots of people…including vomiting and upset stomachs

Chemtrails… The ‘alleged’ purpose: To combat global warming and CO2, industrial air pollution, blah, blah, blah…

What a bunch of hooey!!!

Now watch these if ya’ have time…

watch this for your infotainment:

Time to decide who ya’ gonna believe. We are trying to help… are we gonna have to resort to this:

Are we really ready for this?

on a daily basis – especially if the nuke plants (from the recent tornados) can’t come back online? But that’s another post…


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  1. Anastacia Herbick permalink
    20 May, 2011 18:29

    “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” – Golden Rule


  2. offshore bank account permalink
    17 May, 2011 12:57

    This is a great young lady but we are not sure about any kind of faith. of Michigan and a homeschooling mom in response to a question on my blog Who is Blah Blah Blah good for? says I am currently going through this book with my three high school homeschool age children. God still used me but I think I would have been much more effective had I had something like this.


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