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“Danger, Will Robinson!”…

25 April, 2011

Remember that line from Robbie the Robot in the ‘Lost In Space’ episodes?

Robbie and the 'Bad Guy'-Morbius

Popular, glass-domed robot that appeared in a number of films and TV series from the 1950s through the 1980s. Robby the Robot made his debut in the classic science fiction movie Forbidden Planet (1956) as a bulbous mechanical man built by Earth scientist Dr. Morbius (Walter Pidgeon) using knowledge left by the Krel, a long-dead alien race. Fueled by “isotope 217” (see notes below), Robby is multilingual (“If you do not speak English, I am at your disposal with 187 other languages along with their various dialects and subtongues.”), and capable of lifting great weights, synthesizing anything from gems to bourbon, and carrying out any domestic chore.

In reality, Robby was the creation of Japanese designer/engineer Robert Kinoshita who also served as art director for the TV series Lost in Space. The robot was an elaborate metal shell, weighing 100 pounds and costing the then-astronomical sum of $125,000. Robby’s various spinning and clicking gadgets were supplied by 2,600 feet of electrical wiring. His arms and legs were moved by a human operator inside. Actor Marvin Miller supplied Robby’s deep voice. [MORE FOUND HERE]

Boy I used to love that show, and now seeing what is NOT being told TO THE WORLD by mainstream media…well, decide for yourself, but trying to find potassium iodide is on my to do list…you may wanna think about this too. What’s ironically ‘funny’ (and I don’t think it’s funny AT ALL) are these two ‘possible connections’:

Robby the Robot is supposedly powered by “isotope 217”. In reality, isotope 217 is a neutron-deficient isotope of uranium (217U),(emphasis mine-treburn) which can be produced by bombarding a 182W target with 40Ar ions and whose existence was first reported in 2000. Isotope 217 is also the name of Chicago-based post-rock/jazz whose first album was called “The Unstable Molecule”.(found on same page as above ‘Robbie’ linked page).


In reality, Robby was the creation of Japanese (emphasis mine-treburn) designer/engineer Robert Kinoshita who also served as art director for the TV series Lost in Space.

Now we come to the meat of today’s ‘meal’ – Here check this out video if you have a few minutes (9:54 min. that is 🙂

Do you (if you’re 30 and older) remember all this stuff from school? I sure do, but what’s funny is that the ‘whole mad-ical industry’ is trying to up the ‘safe levels’ of RADIATION!?

“There’s plenty of info here if ya’ start diggin'”, treburn said.

If you don’t believe me, spend some time doing your own research…like those research papers we did in school. You may surprise yourself. Then we’ll exchange papers for grading 🙂

Well, the RETURN won’t be long now…I pray!


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