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What time IS it?

18 April, 2011

What time is it?

NASA’s take – [FOUND HERE]

or this:

eclipse timeline


Thanks for the post Luis.

Keep watching’ ya’ll. This week is Passover – leading to Firstfruits in May. This a HUGE watch time for the possible initial ‘flyby’ Jesus will be doin’ soon…on final approach around 2017-18.

Of course this is MY opinion and I’ve been wrong before,  and discouraged too, I might add…
BUT…picking myself up off the ground and pressing on towards that finish line has been great practice for humility, forgiveness and more 🙂

Don’t let this ‘bad news’ depress you. These are things for us to be watching for – like the Bible commands us to do.
Remember that God has ENORMOUS PLANS for His children. Does this mean galactic travel and such? I don’t know, but the Bible is VERY CLEAR we are dealing with ‘the heavens’ and those who live there, and those who fell from there…
Not so far fetched after all, is it?

…treburn takes a big belt of lukewarm coffee, almost chokes, and leaves to reheat it)…”and no this isn’t an analogy to my spiritual condition!” he muttered. But secretly, he still prayed about it, and asked to be counted worthy to be on the first trip…


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