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The “Great Deception”!

15 April, 2011

Ok. I have some Bible stuff coming, but I’m required to study it more before presenting.

So in the interim, enjoy this little ‘number’ – for informative and educational purposes only  and props to the poster.

By the way, take notice of the spiral in Norway around 1:48.

Working in entertainment and multimedia for years, this looks to me like a huge projection in sky..from the ground – or a big laser light demo…anyway, I say hoax.

Some of the other stuff, would be fallen angels, not aliens, showing off. To deceive is their ultimate goal.

The most interesting to me is the one over Jerusalem…is this the ‘Madhi’ proof that Islam has preached about. This wouldn’t be Jesus or ‘good angels’, imho, but I’ve been wrong before heh.

Anyway, judge for yourselves. But realize this is also part of Project Bluebeam too. After all the pagan U.N. has a newly elected ambassador to extra-terrestrial relations…or somethin’ like that.


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  1. 188betcom permalink
    24 May, 2011 13:34 is amazing, bookmarked!


    • 24 May, 2011 21:39

      Praise God and thanks! Glad to hear you’re enjoying!


  2. lgunlock permalink
    21 May, 2011 02:06 is cool, bookmarked!


  3. Parabal permalink
    17 May, 2011 18:34

    I like , bookmarked for future reference


  4. 17 April, 2011 23:44

    are you on linkedin?


    • 20 April, 2011 00:22

      No, I am not on that site…not really any ‘social networking’ sites for that matter. DId a page on myspace a while ago – years, had it hacked once and fixed it, but haven’t seen it since.


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