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A Wild Ride…Coming Soon?!

9 April, 2011

Elenin's Projected orbit

“What am I looking at?” you may ask.

“A wild ride!” I say.


Or, how about this?

The first earthquake we will begin with is

2/20/08 Indonisia measuring 7.4. Elenin was 11.617 au from the sun. On this day Elenin lined up with Earth and the Sun.

2/25/08 7.2 earthquake in Indonisa (as leaving alignment) Elenin – Earth – Sun

5/12/08 7.9 earthquake in China.. alignment is Elenin -mars- sun (Elenin was 12.147au from earth)

02/18/09 7.0 earthquake in the Kermadec Islands. Alignment is Elenin- Earth – Sun

05/18/09 4.7 earthquake in Los Angeles Alignment Elenin- Earth -Jupiter

05/28/09 7.2 earthquake in Hondorus (offshore)

07/15/09 7.8 earthquake in New zealand alignment Elenin- Murcury- Earth

08/09/09 7.1 earthquake in Japan alignments of Elenin – Murcury – Earth

09/29/09 8.1 earthquake in Sunola islands alignments Elenin- Sun – Earth

02/27/10 8.8 earthquake in Chile alignments Elenin – Earth- Sun (earth knocked off axis)

06/03/10 Pennsilvania Fissure opened up. alignments Elenin – Mars – Earth

02/27/10 7.1 earthquake in New zealand alignments Elenin- Sun – Murcury – Earth

01/19/11 Pakistan earthquake not recorded on usgs alignments Elenin- Earth – Jupiter

01/03/11 7.0 Chile earthquake alignments Elenin – Earth – Jupiter

ok now for future alignments…[MORE FOUND HERE]

Keep praying and getting ready. Get some batteries and food, guns, gold or whatever – definitely convert that worthless paper into some durable goods ASAP – but remember, “It’s not hording food and stuff that will save us but our hope and trust in the Lord.”

We, as belivers in Jesus, need to be telling everyone we meet the truth – that Yehosua (Jesus) is coming soon! The more the merrier!

Also remember, this month more than a thousand believers have been SLAUGHTERED for their simple BELIEF in Jesus – by ‘tolerent’ teaching ISLAMISTS.

And what’s up Methodist’s? why burn down your buildings eveery time a koran burned but not a bible?

What’s up Catholic’s allowing homo stuff in churches, pedophiles… or pagan teaching’s for that matter…now tarot card readings?

Crazy….and they are wondering why ‘all this is happening’….sheech…anyway, ya’ll remain blessed until He returns, doing good in everything you do.


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