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The Word For The Quarter, Or At Least The Next Two Months, Is:

28 January, 2011

Good Tidings everyone!

We hope ya’ll are doing great, but if not, take heart!

The Lord is returning soon…very, very, very soon judging BY SIGNS IN THE HEAVENS AND EARTH, so we KNOW the time is at hand.

Prepare yourselves. Prepare your families and loved ones. Group up in your neighborhoods and start to meet everyone, for a GOOD neighbor can be hard to find…

The word  for the next two months is PREPARE. Prepare, prepare, prepare

Those who are wise will do this: start to forget about the newest electronic fancies, big screen TV upgrade and technological marvels.

These are great but…they all seem to need a battery or electricity. Solar may work for a while but then what happens when volcanoes cloud the sky for a few months or years…it happened before, or on cloudy days. Maybe we should take another look at and maybe work on those cheap perpetual magnetic generators or a hydrolysis machine and storage for hydrogen…) for individual home power use. Because the with price of fuel today, a ‘standard’ generator will last only so long…

Rather, spend the next few paychecks, if able, on focusing on non-perishables, canned and dried foods (vacuum sealed of course), toilet paper (these went for about $50 per roll in Hawaii during a hurricane one time…or a lot of phonebooks would come in handy for second place here), lighters or fire starting materials, firewood, guns and ammo (know how to use them too) to help protect your valuables and loved ones, these are valuables too, ya’ know 🙂 from the desperate and un-prepared. These goods are NECESSARY for YOUR survival, not the new i-pad…as cool as it is. 🙂

Even if NOTHING happens, you still have some food at home, heh, and that’s always a good thing!

Well, that’s all we have…oh yeah and this

Ok now that’s all we have for now. Ya’ll stay safe, in love, and at peace until He returns for all His children, and…


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