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Mind Control – Well, it used to work….

7 January, 2011

Well here we are in the beginning of the new year and ALREADY things are looking more promising to those who truly have a relationship with Jesus and worse for those who still want their job…i.e. serving the World’s System.

Some people, no matter how much TRUTH is out there can’t digest it – even swallow it because even if it tastes sweet to the tongue, it’s  a bag of bile inside…bitter, like dandelions grown without water and in full sun. If you don’t know what I mean, try some of this ‘survival food’ and you’ll see.

Even some of the lettuce families (dandelion is one, btw) are hard to eat by themselves and DEPEND on other flavors for BALANCE. Dig?

So, since the Kingdom of God is more than food and drink, but about LOVE – even those that are hurting you, praying for those who are spraying CRAP into the air to KILL people, still can be changed. I’m sure there are other jobs that one could find satisfaction in…

Anywhoo, a video to enjoy with a new blog link – check ’em out:

and the NLE 2011 info:


and here’s a a PDF on it [NLE_2011_FACT_SHEET_PS_Participation]

and FEMA’s (older) presentation [2009 New Madrid]

Well, ‘dinner’ has been served, even if it looks like a sanitation engineer has prepared it…

Keep prayin for those who aren’t in the kingdom yet, it is not God’s will that ANYONE go to a place prepared for fallen angels/evil aliens…HELL. It wasn’t made for humans, remember that, please.

Keep watching and praying until…


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