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‘Moron’ Food Bill…

4 January, 2011

Heh, – it’s a little ‘pun-ny’ title huh?  [courtesy laugh here] 😉
Ahem…Well, we FIRST want to say, we hope all ya’ll had a great Christmas (forget political mumbo jumbo – if ya don’t like it leave – lol) and we wish you all the best for this next year.

We hope to be posting a bit more – even more than last year – again, always looking for our great redeemer and King Jesus – Yehoshua HaMashicah!

That being said, I just heard about this on public radio around 10amET and found something correlating to post for ya’ll – in case you haven’t heard about this yet. Interesting the ‘411’ info huh?
“On and on,” you may say, “about food. why is this so important to you?”

Well, food is just more than something to keep you going – i.e. survival; whole television networks have been designed around just this one thing in our life – something that is COMMON to everyone person on the face of the earth who is breathing…

It also boosts morale – just ask any veteran of any war…and in war food can be a tool.

Yes, we ARE at war – but against under-lying (pun intended) forces of tyranny and inhumanity. Forget about animal testing, although this is very cruel for the most part, but we are in a danger zone more than ever before – human testing…

Did the Nazi’s die? NOPE, they moved to America and have been slowly infiltrating every part of the American ‘govern-mental‘ system.

Through their beliefs about the spiritual and occult (The Vril society and others) to their genocidal ways, I see, if no one else does, a Marxist/Nazi takeover happening as we sit around, playing video games demanding entertainment to forget about the real things that are quickly and quietly happening right under the noses on thoses who don’t knowses…sorry, I couldn’t resist and being filled with evil foods that TASTE GREAT! Just take a look at what ingredients are in bread nowadays. Sound like the menu from a chemistry lab mostly. Prob’ly is…

And we all know who was behind the Nazi’s evil use of ‘tools’ right? If ya’ don’t, well…start reading. Heh – nuff’ said…

WATCH AND PRAY more, like never before. ‘Check it out now, the funk’s not brother…’ but brother against brother:

FDA flexes new muscles with food safety bill
David Bennett
Jan. 4, 2011 11:20am

* Food safety bill means ramped up inspections for U.S. farms/processors.
* FDA receives broadened powers.
* Bill aims to allow FDA to prevent, rather than react to, food-borne illness outbreaks.

Congress passed food safety legislation providing the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) with new powers. Trying to halt a series of disease outbreaks in the nation’s food supply – and fresh off last summer’s salmonella outbreak and subsequent recall of 500 million eggs – the lame-duck Congress was under pressure to pump up the FDA’s inspection capabilities.

And so it did. In essence, the FDA is now charged with preventing food-borne disease outbreaks rather than trying to contain them once rampant.

Under the new law — among other new and expanded abilities — the FDA will be allowed to employ food recalls, access records at both farms and processing centers, and set quality standards for imported produce. In the FDA’s freshly-calibrated crosshairs are salmonella and E. coli and, therefore, a stepped-up inspection regime for all manner of products prone to bacterial contamination.

“The food safety bill will provide … improved tools to prevent food-borne illness and address challenges in the food safety system by promoting a prevention-oriented approach,” said Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack after the House passed the bill on a 215 to 144 vote. “Protecting consumers from harm is a fundamental function of government and with passage of this landmark food safety legislation USDA remains committed to keeping food safety a top priority.”

The USDA will continue to be responsible for inspections of beef, pork and poultry.

A common talking point on Capitol Hill is that the food safety legislation is the most significant in 70 years. Early readers of the bill (expected to cost around $1.5 billion over four years) claim the FDA is now charged with holding imported food to the same standards as food produced in-country.

However, left unaddressed amid the post-vote afterglow is the woeful record of the government in inspecting aquaculture imports. Despite proclaiming food safety paramount, for years the U.S. government has been inspecting only around two percent of such imports annually.

A reluctance by the Bush and Obama administrations to allow inspections to move from the FDA to USDA (as was mandated by Congress in the last farm bill) has allowed untold numbers of Americans to be exposed to a wide array of contaminants and carcinogens picked up in Vietnamese and Chinese operations. Such porous inspections have also severely harmed U.S. catfish farmers, who must abide by regulations, and the resulting expenses, that their Asian counterparts are unburdened with.


Al I gotta say, is that people of war know that to control food, is to control the population – for good or evil – you will know them by their ‘fruits’…

Sounds and looks to me, this year, it’s time to buy a lot of garden seeds, some MRE’s, canning, baking, preserving, smoking (meats, that is) and vacuum sealing skills…well, we LIKE to eat GOOD food – especially if we made it – ‘just taste the righteousness’! Some whole grain bread made from our used brewing grains – quite delicious and filling even plain:

Give us this day our daily bread...

Here’s our “Mom’s Perfect Bread Every Time Recipe” – our gift to ya’ll:

2 1/2 Tsp Salt

3 TBSP oil – we like olive

2 TBSP Honey

2 Cups Milk

1 pkg. of bakers yeast (about 7g or 1/4 oz) (and sometimes we also use some dregs (yeast left on bottom of barrels from brewing) – no hops tho – ‘ for different flavors.

3 TBSP warm water (90-100F)

6 Cups Flour – We like unbleached for bene’s (or use half white and half unbleached) for lighter color.

(Optional – Brewing Grains (used – boiled – of course), Wheat Germ, Seeds or nuts – get fancy).

1. Heat milk enough to dissolve salt (add oil first to make honey slip off spoon trick) and honey.

2. Add to warm water to activate yeast (add brewing yeasts too here). Wait about 10 min and then stir to dissolve yeasts in water.

3. Stir into flour to make a stiff dough – almost like ‘play dough’.

4. Flour the kneading surface (table or counter) and dump out the dough. This keeps it from sticking. Knead about 10 min ’till looses stickiness – you may have to add extra flour here to help – especially with wet brew grains (prob’ly uses about 10 cups of flour eventually.) or how humid it is.

5. Clean out mixing bowl and oil it – olive here too for us…

6. Place dough in bowl and grease it all over. Cover it a nd let it rise for about an hour and a half.

7. Punch dough down and turn over. Let it rise again about 45 min.

8. Punch down again and break off pieces to fit into your hands and roll into shapes or divide dough and place into bread pans. Bake at 400F fo about 30 min – 45 min depends on pans or rolls and color you want.

Makes about 2 standard sized loafs – perfect for sandwiches, or about 8 smaller rolls – perfect for meals…

Eat and enjoy when hot or freezes up to 6 months without burn if vacuum sealed – maybe longer. Take care not to deform the loaf tho or you’ll end up with something kinda funny looking.

This may (and should) start to mold after about 4-6 days – NO PRESERVATIVES! So eat it soon or freeze it for later! Make a large batch and share!

We grew up on this recipe and when you smell the fresh bread, it’s hard to keep the drool down! LOL.

Who knows, the rapture could happen tonight – or what about a possible 01-11-2011 date?(For some reason this number sequence really stands out to me…treburn)

Either way, it’ll be good to have some good homemade food set back for an emergency – nothing wrong with that. Perhaps someone else can use it after we leave this earth…?


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