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Shake, Rattle, and Roll

9 October, 2010

Came across this little visual representation of a vision of hell. Nothin like a little visual ‘shaking’ to get our (the church’s) heart in the right place. Hope this will get you ‘reburning’ in your hearts for the Lord like it did me…

Also remember please remember that all this goes along with the fallen angel/UFO ‘abduction’ phenomenon that some people have claimed to experience. These people who have been or are suffering due to these ‘abductions’ may really be experiencing aspects of hell, made out to be ‘aliens’ and ‘craft’ they see during their horrendous ordeals.

If the ‘costumes’ of the fallen angels/aliens were removed, perhaps everyone would see HELL (and them) for what it really is – perhaps very much like these images this artist has ‘drawn up’ for us. Kudos and prayers for all involved with this testimony.

We also apologize for the ‘graphic’ nature of this video – but only for those with medical conditions…or children – the rest of you viewers MUST realize that The Bible is ‘rated X’ in content due to its graphic nature. Time to grow up y’all and stop sugar coating the Gospel of Truth so people can swallow it…display it for what it really is. Maybe we wouldn’t have a hard time after all…

Yet, some still will want to live in the never-never land (called the ‘American Dream’) made up in their heads…don’t say I didn’t say anything though.


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  1. 6 November, 2010 05:12

    Strange this post is totaly unrelated to what I was searching google for, but it was listed on the first page. I guess your doing something right if Google likes you enough to put you on the first page of a non related search.


  2. 24 October, 2010 03:10

    ghost ride that whip


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