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Need a little more background?

18 September, 2010

Good afternoon!

Here is some more background on Islam, the koran, and who Allah REALLY is, for all of us…remember, the Palestinians are the Philistines of the Bible…then you can take this Babylonian religion all the way back to the Sumarian ‘Fallen Angel religion’ now preached to us as space aliens intervening in mankind’s affairs…or as taught in public schools -“Intelligent Design”.


I’m sure there are more, but here are just two different FORMER muslims (WITNESSES) who lived in ISLAMIC countries. I’m sure I could find a third to totally complete the requirements to point out ‘dangerous elements’ to the free world… “hello, is this mic on? testing 1, 2, 3″, treburn said…

This is why we should pray for muslims. So they have an opportunity to decide for themselves. Not to convert them per se.


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  1. 3 December, 2010 16:54

    Thanks a million


    • 4 December, 2010 12:22

      Thanks an Praise God! Glad you enjoyed it.


  2. 3 December, 2010 16:53

    Thanks you


  3. 27 September, 2010 00:08

    gonna send this to my mom


  4. 18 September, 2010 20:17

    Thanks a million. This was cool seeing.


    • 25 September, 2010 03:34

      No problem, and glad you enjoyed!


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