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An Air of Great Expectations?

16 September, 2010

Greeting all readers again! We apologize for not writing recently, but HAVE been ‘on duty’ – watchmen for prophecy fulfillment – just nothing has really impressed us to post (as there is almost too much to keep up with)… though there were plenty of opportunities.

We are told to love people. We are to look after the poor and the weak – not through organizations, or government agencies, but to our families first, then our church body and neighborhoods – the ones closest to us and go from there.

I assure y’all that it will make your day better if you smile and just hold the door open for someone

Try it the next time you are going into a store, restaurant, club or church – just being courteous and helpful to someone actually helps your day go better.

Try it – sometimes it takes some adjusting, but done unselfishly, it’s a little thing to help share the love and teachings of Jesus, not Mohammad…just sayin’…Looking down, treburn says ‘oh, were those your toes?’…

I know…I’m probably the worst when it comes to getting in the car and driving anywhere. God really shows me areas I need to work on – in that love thy neighbor department, and through patience your faith is established kinda thing…

BUT…I haven’t gotten anything recently, specific or directed, so I am posting this as ‘generic’, but hopefully relevant. Looking at all the posts backwards, it is weird how events, situations, etc. ‘match up better’ sometimes – especially when I didn’t have a plan, except to get the word out, ASAP.

What word? The Word…and some filler, but not to sway, sidetrack, dismay, or distract anyone, but to – prayerfully and hopefully portray the big picture and our somewhat daily menial events as we get closer to the ‘harpazo’ of the church, the final seven years of Daniel to be fulfilled to Israel, and Jesus’ eventual return on the Mount of Olives-mebbe during this Rosh Hashanah – Tabernacles or even early 2011, but I keep getting this in my head about 1 year 1 month and 1 day, and I can’t recall where I read this in the scripture…back on that later? BUT DEFINITELY, we FEEL SOMETHING…it’s like it’s ‘in the air’…it’s not that Fall feeling, and not those dang chemtrails either.

I personally think time is about up for the ‘church age’. The Countdown is almost complete. (just our opinion…heh)

Whatever the outcome, I wanna be ready and waiting. Alert and attentive, full of love, joy,peace, patience, goodness, mercy, gentleness and what ever else is an evidence of Yehoshua, Immanuel – Jesus working in all our lives – the ‘fruits of the spirit.

Praying for more? See this video:

Hope to see y’all soon in His presence.

I still waiting for this Praise and Worship ‘woodstock-type’ thing- a revival lasting days and days that gets bigger and bigger, but continuous praise and worship to God, miracles and salvations on a massive scale here in America (It was a vision I had a while ago and kinda put on the shelf just to see) … nothin’ hokey, ALL REAL, from the heart, for no one’s glory, or wallet, but for God and to HIM alone – yeah, THAT would be cool! I’ll play guitar for a bit.


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  1. 12 October, 2010 19:43



    • 17 November, 2010 11:11

      No problem and you’re welcome!
      Be blessed and prayers going out your way too!


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