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31 August, 2010

Good Morning! It’s good to be online again, though we liked the brief ‘fast’ we had.

After about a week of doing everything I know to do to make this technology work, I finally caved in and called my cable company. It turned out that my return (cable  out) had been ‘nicked’, so there was waaay too much resistance for a signal to get out…the ‘in’ was fine. Hmmm, looks like we had to run a whole new cable outside…

I asked if that ‘nick’ could have been done by someone bumping or running into the cable box – car, lawnmower, etc.

He said, “…car possibly, mower, not a chance…”

So it seems to us that the only other way my Internet could have been disconnected  for a week would be to actually have someone open the box and ‘nick’ my internet cable….strange…that’s kinda what the satellite alarm monitoring  sales guy told me, when I said I didn’t want OnStar watching my house…

‘NO thanks’ I said – too hackable-not secure.

He said ‘well it’s easier to cut the line than to hack the wireless system.’

I said, ‘don’t matter either way, if there isn’t power, then all you have is God , your dog, and guns for security. He didn’t like that, though he smiled.

Or, it coulda’ been the census bureau that visited last week too, claiming that the form wasn’t filled out correctly due to some misunderstanding, or uncomprehension…on our part-like I can’t read or understand. I replied, that I understood it completely, and filled it out completely-everything we were legally obligated to fill out by law – how many people were in this house at this address…unfortunately, my son had given her all our names before I could get to the door…

Then our internet goes out, a few days later…too strange…

I guess it coulda been the bear that keeps visiting the neighborhood, trying to get free cable in the woods to go with all the food he’s grabbin’ from the trash cans…or our chicken-hating neighbor… naah.

Sorry for the venting, I’m sure y’all got your own problems…but we Hope and Pray ALL your needs are met today!

I’ll be praying for what to post next…Be blessed!


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  1. 13 September, 2010 19:26

    trying to follow you on twitter but cant find your name


    • 18 September, 2010 13:00

      Sorry,but we don’t ‘do’ twitter,facebook,myspace,etc. I personally believe they are datamines designed for, and to implement everyone’s information eventually stored on a cutom per person RFID implantable chip. Tracks your friends, places you go, where you are, places you travel to (biometrics) etc.etc.
      No thanks, but nothing personal 🙂 glad you enjoy the blog otherwise 🙂


  2. 1 September, 2010 00:34

    hi there hows it going


    • 1 September, 2010 09:29

      Great! Praying for you and hubby have an excellent start together in your new lives together.


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