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Where’s my internet?

26 August, 2010

I must apologize for the current lack of posts, as my internet connection seems to be down for some reason or another…apparently the bill has been paid so that’s not the issue or I really got someone mad …. 😉

Will continue this blog however, from whatever ‘station’ I can get to…

Hope to keep helping y’all somehow through posts and stuff, but in the interim, please take some time to explore the ‘blogroll’ and read earlier posts – we should be up and running again before long.

Y’all be blessed now…and remember to freely forgive others, as we have been ‘freely forgiven’, confessing our sins, He is faithful to forgive us and forget about it (said with ‘New York accent’).  We are being tested in this area,  so pray for us please…details don’t matter, but it’s about our chickens and our neighbor…and we’ll leave it at that…

L8R! (‘later’ in textinese)


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  1. 12 September, 2010 22:47

    ok got it


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