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Through Peace, many are destroyed…

15 August, 2010

Good morning – hope y’all got a chance to go fellowship at your local churches today – if not, no worries…yet…

I believe the Lord has put on my heart to mention this scripture.(Daniel 8:25) – in context N.A.S.

20“The (A)ram which you saw with the two horns represents the kings of Media and Persia.

The Goat

21“The shaggy goat represents the kingdom of Greece, and the large horn that is between his eyes is the first king.

22“The (B)broken horn and the four horns that arose in its place represent four kingdoms which will arise from his nation, although not with his power.
23“In the latter period of their rule,
When the transgressors have run their course,
A king will arise,
Insolent and skilled in intrigue.
24“His power will be mighty, but not by his own power,
And he will (C)destroy to an extraordinary degree
And prosper and perform his will;
He will destroy mighty men and the holy people.
25“And through his shrewdness
He will cause deceit to succeed by his influence;
And he will magnify himself in his heart,
And he will destroy many while they are at ease.
He will even (D)oppose the Prince of princes,
But he will be broken (E)without human agency.
26“The vision of the evenings and mornings
Which has been told is (F)true;
But (G)keep the vision secret,
For it pertains to many (H)days in the future.”

27Then I, Daniel, was (I)exhausted and sick for days Then I got up again and (J)carried on the king’s business; but I was astounded at the vision, and there was none to explain it.

I believe that we are in the ‘many days in the future’ time period NOW! I also believe that this has to do with the jihad initiative of the mosque being raised at ground zero.

Ramadan (Islam fast) ends on Sept. 10. Rosh Hashannah (Jewsh feast day – Books are opened – is Sept 9 – 11th concluding with Yom Kippur 10 days later – Sept 18th. Sept 21st is the beginning of fall – summer’s over per fall equinox. Sept 11th is the 9th anniversery of ‘terrorist attacks’ on our country…Can you SEE something happening here? Just wondrin’…but…
This 9/11 I believe was orchestrated by people (thinking they are) outside of any government… but Islam takes the fall…gladly. They want to say that now – through peace – they want to make a building to be a tribute to those who died???

Wow, they must think we don’t know anything about Islam…

Islam has NEVER been about peace…ever. But that is what they speak out of one side of their mouth; the other – ‘death to those who oppose us’..BUT this, I believe, is how the Antichrist gets to power. Islam is the one world religion that requires it’s opposition be eliminated – via beheading…Revelations talks about this happening to ‘the saints…‘ (true followers all go before ‘sudden destruction’ as promised by Yehoshua)

Most of the opposition Islam encounters (outside of Islam – yeah they fight among themselves too, like some ‘christians’ I know) is attributed to Israel (Jews), the United States,(united for now, anyways…)her ally and by ‘the Church’ – everyone who professes,believes,follows and does the works of Jesus…that’s another lesson?

They build mosques everywhere they have conquered – through violence – not through peace. See this article – it helps put a little perspective onto a normally one-sided, Pro Islamic argument –don’t feast on baloney – it’s ‘fattening’…

The Muslim Hijacking of Ground Zero

Daniel Greenfield –, August 12th, 2010

Islam doesn’t just hijack planes, it hijacks the things that mean something to people. The great cities of the world are littered with relics of the Muslim occupation of their sacred places. Jerusalem, Delhi, Constantinople and Alexandria all testify to the Muslim predilection for taking over other people’s sacred places, and turning them into mosques. It wasn’t enough for Muslims to conquer Jerusalem and subjugate its inhabitants. No, they also had to take the holiest place in Judaism and build a mosque on top of it. Similarly it wasn’t enough for them to conquer and rename Constantinople, they also had to turn the Hagia Sophia into a mosque. These are not exceptions to the rule. In Asia, the Middle East and Europe, there are numberless examples of the same thing.

To this day, Muslims continue seizing other people’s places of worship and turning them into mosques. It’s going on in Egypt today. It’s going on in Yugoslavia where churches are being destroyed and turned into mosques, day by day. It’s went on in Israel, in Joseph’s Tomb, burial spot of the biblical Joseph, which was seized by Muslims in September of 2000, a year before 9/11.

Why do Muslims this? It’s not just about seizing territory, though that is part of it. It’s also about hijacking something more vital, identity. By Islamizing sacred sites, they also take control of other people’s history and culture. As they have done throughout the world. Hijacking the Temple Mount, has allowed Muslims to claim Jerusalem as a holy city of theirs. Hijacking churches in Egypt and Yugoslavia, eliminates the religious history of non-Muslims from the area. Hijacking the Hagia Sophia, was part of the recreation of Constantinople, into Istanbul.

The common denominator is that Muslims do not just make war on lands or bodies– but on memory itself. Their goal is to make people forget what came before their colonization. To distort the history and traditions that are meaningful to them, and replace them with a distorted Islamized version of history. The Muslim “tolerance” in Spain, the Palestinian Arab “refugees” and the Muslim “contributions” to science, are all examples of that revisionist history, in which oppression becomes tolerance, repression becomes knowledge, and the oppressors become the victims.

Ground Zero is not only the central point of the Muslim massacre of 3000 people. It is also the central point of the memory of that massacre. The area is the place where people come to remember what happened. To see, to hear and to pay tribute to the dead. Which is exactly why Muslims are determined to hijack it for their own purposes, with a highly visible mosque and their own 9/11 museum that will feature a radically altered version of history. What they are after is the equivalent of putting up a Holocaust Revisionism museum outside the Holocaust museum…”

Yes people should have the right to worship – AS LONG AS IT DOESN”T INFRINGE ON OUR FOUNDATIONS AS A COUNTRY…yup you guessed it…radical Islam doctrine COMMANDS it’s religious followers to destroy anything that stands in their way, including OUR country…take or leave it, it’s my opinion…under the LOrd’s directin? ‘

“We’ll see’ “says the wise man…”We will see”.

I’m sure you’re not gonna like the ‘one world esoteric religion’ coming up if radical Islam is
this bad

All this info makes me more excited every day knowing that Yehoshua is on His way – even at the door, about to knock…

Will you open it (your heart) to Him today?

L8R y’all


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