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Greatest Health Secret?

11 August, 2010

Lately, we have been discussing ‘spiritual food’, not to mention health issues, environment and genetic manipulation etc, it was interesting for one of our brothers at 5 doves(blogroll) to post this today:

The greatest health secret ever has now been revealed!

By Jim Bramlett

You are about to learn life-changing information. It is one of the greatest revelations ever given to humanity.

I believe this powerful revelation was given by God as an end-time blessing and encouragement to His people.

Apply this information, and you never have to be sick again. Of course, the Bible says, “it is appointed unto men once to die” (Hebrews 9:27), and while physical death may be unavoidable (until the rapture), it does not say we must get sick before we die. God can just suddenly take us out, healthy, when our time is up, as He did with Moses. The Bible declares that God wants us healthy! (3 John 2.)

The knowledge of this has been available all along in the Bible, but few people know about it. Even most Christians have been blinded by religious tradition.

The secret is not exercise. The Bible actually says, “bodily exercise profits little” (1 Timothy 4:8). Moderate exercise is okay, and it may make you feel better, but it does not produce health. Exercise enthusiasts get sick and die every day. Exercise can be an idol.

The secret is not diet or eating habits. Healthy eating is good, but the sick people Jesus healed had been on the Mediterranean diet all their lives! Plus, they ate nothing but organic, unprocessed food, without additives, and all their meat was free range and grass fed. But they still got sick.

The secret is not a nutritional supplement, such as vitamin and mineral pills. They can be helpful, but they cannot guarantee health. Health is a supernatural condition.

This secret is totally free. There is nothing to buy. It is available now…

Since we just had communion at our church Sunday night, I thought I’d ‘bump it’ (‘blogslang’ for reposting) – it’s a great article and hope you enjoyed it as much as I…Thanks Jim (and Pastor Joseph Prince of New Creation Church in Singapore) for this…


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