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Ahh a day of rest…

31 July, 2010

Today and Sunday I’m gonna be resting – from posting – unless something really big happens…Get to go to normal ‘work’ today :), but I need to pray about what to post next for y’all…

We want to make sure that we are efficient and effective.

We know that there is no distance in prayer. In heaven,(or in the Spirit realm/5th dimension I guess) one can travel at the speed of thought, if one wishes, and I believe that this happens for our prayers too.

Yes, it may take time to manifest, sometimes years, but if one has the faith, the size of a mustard seed, which is extremely tiny BTW, and does not doubt in his heart, then they can speak to the mountain (problem,situation) in their life and it will be removed!

God created everything by His speaking. So can we – if we pray for the Father’s will – it is the best way to pray, of course!

Sometimes prayers are not answered and people misunderstand why.

Sometimes, even though the answer is on it’s way, if we slip (with our mouths; our hearts are made known by our words…) and speak against what we were originally believing for, well…so be it unto us as our faith ‘dictates’…see our earlier posts on water and the effects of words on it (SEE MAIN POST HERE).

Sometimes our prayers aren’t answered because we try to ‘get stuff’ from God so we can heap up the things of this world on ourselves and our lusts. Sometimes prayers are answered, but it wasn’t God’s will, but ours – then ouch ,how these sorrows multiply with the blessings…

Yeah, best bet – pray God’s will and I think everything will be allright…

Sometimes it is God’s will, but not His timing. A lot of times we, get impatient waiting for the answer to our prayers and ‘jump the gun’. We try to MAKE something happen, and get ahead of God’s perfect timing. ‘They that wait on the Lord…(Is. 40:31)’ 🙂 and patience MUST be developed because it is a fruit of the Spirit of God.

22But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law. (Gal 5:”22)

This patience thing also helps us work out our ‘Faith muscles’ 🙂 – unless you want situations to arise to help you to develop patience, I wouldn’t pray for it specifically…just work on it when they do arise. Trust me on this one, k?

Something to consider. Heaven is not the end. It is the beginning – of eternity. The things of this world are temporal and subject to change without due notice. Please make sure you are ready. Hell is also not the end but the beginning – of being away from ‘Godness’ – and light – forever. Please don’t make this you final destination. It was originally made for the fallen angels , Lucifer and Death (spiritual beings) not man so…

Get to Know Yehoshua (Jesus). HE WILL be your best friend, confidant, and ever present help in times of trouble. Of THIS you CAN be sure. He will never leave you or forsake you (via His Holy Spirit living in every believer sealed until He comes for His Bride)(Deut 31:8;Ps.46:1;Eph 1:13 – and there’s more)…

So take time to read some of the other posts today and tomorrow, and vist some peeps on the blog roll and their peeps too. This way one can start to see a MUCH ‘bigger picture’ – in High Def no less! Using that ‘lens’ of The Bible to bring everything into focus…

Be blessed tomorrow,as grace and peace, goodness and mercy follow you, so worship The Lord with your whole hearts and all of your strength! Shalom and…


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