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Born into Slavery

29 July, 2010

Another post to go along with what we’ve been saying all along here at The Countdown:

The Next Big Privacy Concern: RFID “Spychips”

RFID, we are closer to cradle-to-grave surveillance than most people realize.

Radio-frequency I.D. (RFID) tags are a convenient way to track items and cut costs for companies. But this technology is increasingly being used to track other things, like security badges — or even people — giving it the potential to cause a horrific erosion of privacy. Tracking people with smart tags, their shopping preferences, their activities, and their personal belongings sounds like something from a sci-fi thriller. But If you got your panties in a twist over Walmart’s decision to track your undies via RFID smart tags, then you’ll be doublely concerned at how close we are to cradle-to-grave surveillance.

we are born slaves, and die slaves

RFID tags reached a tipping point with Walmart’s announcement that, starting next month, the retailer will place removable “smart tags” on consumer goods. The RFID tags can be read by hand-held scanners to track inventory levels and keep a better eye on loss prevention. Recent drops in the cost per RFID tags have encouraged adoption of this technology. With Wal-Mart publicly embracing RFID, you’ll see other retailers quickly fall in line.

“Don’t get me started on the beginning of this – fingerprint & retinal scans!” treburn shouted


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