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25 July, 2010

Whoa dude, let’s go ride some waves… RFID Waves, man…you know…frequencies?

I think this is why we have had a major revamp in the FCC frequency spectrum…not so much for HDTV and the’electronic fun’ that will be available, but there are all sorts of new developments with RFID.

In case you don’t know about Radio Frequency IDentification chips, [SEE HERE].

Looks great don’t it? All flashy and stuff…

Don’t be a sucker…

This truly is the Mark of the Beast number- M.O.B. #…treburn thought aloud,”Hmmm… if you can’t think for yourself anymore you become a mob – heh,heh” he chuckled heartily while scratching his thickening beard…



“whew,” he said. “Dreary weather ahead it seems…unless you know Yehoshua!” Then smiling he said, and raising his glass to readers he said,


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