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Tu B’Av 2010 comin’ up quick…

19 July, 2010

Something interesting for us to consider. The Church Age is closing – perhaps even this year. This newly discovered ‘feast’ is very interesting when compared to the church! Here, take a peep (a link is provided at the bottom for the rest of the article):

Tu B’Av is the opposite of Tisha B’Av. In contrast to the baseless hatred that brought about the destruction of the Holy Temple and the Exile, the events commemorated on Tu B’Av revolve around love and unity among different sectors of the nation, and our deep connection to Israel and the Holy Temple.

Tu B’Av is a day of renewal of ties among the nation, and Yom Kippur is a day of renewal of our ties to the Holy One of Blessed Name. On this
day we turn over a new leaf.

There is a famous story about the Ba’al Shem Tov, who sent his disciples to learn how to repent by following the example of a very simple man. They saw him standing in prayer, holding two notebooks, and speaking to G-d, “Master of the Universe, in this notebook I have recorded the many sins which I committed this past year. And in the other notebook I have recorded all the suffering and troubles you brought upon me. I will forgive You for all the troubles if You forgive me for all my sins!”

He then threw both notebooks into the fire. This should serve as a model
for all our relationships – with our friends, our spouses, and so on. We must learn to throw all the notebooks into the fire, and begin anew.

This is also why it is fitting for Yom Kippur to be the “Wedding Day” of Israel to the Lrd, and Tu B’Av to be a day for Jewish weddings. Therefore, “Israel had no holidays as joyous as Tu B’Av and Yom Kippur.”


and this too:


Tu’B’AV IS clearly of the time of the “First Ripe Grapes”!!!!!

This is also the time of the ending of the wheat harvest!!

This is also the time Ruth married Boaz!

This is the time spies entered the “City of Refuge” (Hebron)!!

Prophetically pictures the marriage of the lamb of God (redemption of church), while it’s counterpart Yom Kippur pictures the redemption of Israel!

There 40 years of wandering ended on this day! Our 40 years of wandering since the beginning of the 49 years since the rebuilding of “Jerusalem” ends in 2009/2010!!!!


Check this out…

The story goes that in the fortieth year of wandering, the ritual was enacted, but no one died. Thinking they had miscalculated the calendar, the people slept in their graves a second night, then a third, then a fourth. On the seventh night, Tu B’Av, when the full moon came out, the people knew the decree had ended. They understood that all of them would be able to enter the Promised Land. The time of death and stagnation was over, and the time of life had begun.4 It was truly a Day of the Breaking of the Axe—a day when mortality no longer held



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